The discovery of a rare Roman coin bearing the image of Constantine I. Know its value

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A researcher of treasures and minerals has discovered a Romanian treasure that may enable him to make a small fortune, after discovering a historical and extremely rare Roman gold coin bearing the image of Constantine I.

The British newspaper Daily Mail revealed that a treasure from the fourth century AD was found one foot (12 inches) below the surface of a field near Wanestro, Somerset.

The coin bears the image of Constantine I, who was the first ruler to convert to Christianity. It was discovered near an ancient Roman road that was used to transport ore mining, and it will be sold with auctions of London Dicks Noonan Webb

The value of the currency is expected to reach 12,000 pounds sterling, with the proceeds divided between the researcher and the farmer who gave him permission to explore his land.

The researcher who found the treasure, who wished to remain anonymous, was fascinated by the field because it had a "curious and unnatural shape

Using a metal detector on the other hand, he first revealed a Roman brooch and several pieces of lead ore, before making the most important discovery of his life.

The back of the coin depicts Constantine riding his horse in battle with a spear and shield, the fall of two enemy soldiers, and celebrating his victory over Maxentius on the Milvian Bridge outside Rome in October 312, after which Constantine converted to Christianity.

“The coin is a fine example of a gold solidus minted in 313-315 CE in Trier, the capital of Gaul,” said Nigel Mills, an archeologist at Dex Noonan Webb.

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