HOW is Doge Looking A Week Away from Elon Musk's May 8 'Saturday Night Live' Appearance?

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Dogecoin (DOGE: CRYPTO) saw a solid bounce in the bygone week, although the meme currency is still trading off the record high of 43.77 cents hit on April 16.

Volatile Month: Doge, which was created as a joke currency in 2013, has come a long way from its early days. Notably, the meme currency has gained over 7,500% in the year-to-date period. Celebrities such as Tesla, Inc.'s (NASDAQ :TSLA elon musk and rapper Snoop Dogg have put their weight behind it, not to mention the retail frenzy that has been a strong pillar of support.

The Doge community's efforts to push the meme currency beyond $1 by 4/20, which was unofficially declared as "Doge Day," proved futile.
Doge breached the 40-cent level a day ahead of the Doge Day but could not push past the earlier high set on April 16. The highest the cryptocurrency reached afterward was 43.18 cents on April 19.

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Doge Day ended with a whimper, as the meme currency settled at 31.95 cents. From the April 19 high, Doge plummeted to a low of 16.37 cents on April 23.

Doge started Monday on a firm note before ending at 27.07 cents, and then saw a consolidation move on Tuesday. It took a leg up on Wednesday amid musk's tweet before settling at 32.37. It was a back-and-forth move over the next two sessions but the cryptocurrency has picked up further momentum on Saturday.

Doge Barks In Anticipation of "Dogefather's" Support: Doge could see some momentum in the coming week, especially in the run up to Musk's TV appearance. Reddit users have been sharing views of a possible bump in the meme currency.

Retail interest could also lend support, and Doge could attempt to push past its earlier high. That said, the long-term investment worthiness is very much in question, given its unlimited supply.

At last check, Doge was climbing 15.53% to 36.03 cents

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