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Has technology made people lazy?

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5 months ago
Topics: Technology

The days are gone where people work themselves out to meet some of their basic needs, technological advancements have helped us to be able to do things fast In a way that could be related with the speed of light.
Students do not even bother about writing notes down in lecture halls again, ebooks and PDF are readily available for them to use .
When it comes to making money too we can just sit in our rooms and make as much money as we want depending on how skillful we are.
Some people who sit at home and make money are richer than most people doing hard work and earning peanuts in the streets.
We also do not need to trek long distances before arriving at our destination, we already have bikes, cars and aeroplanes to make things easy.
Farmers also no longer borther about low yield of crops as there are chemicals available to take care of these things.

So what do you think, has technology made human beings lazy?
If true, in what way has these advancements in technology made us lazy?

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I think technology is making people lazy day by day. Because by using technology we are saving time and making our body useless. We should use our physical abilities without using technology in all our activities.

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5 months ago

Nice post

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5 months ago

Well I would rather say that technology have caused laziness in most of our children 🤣,non of them is ready to struggle to work anymore they look for an easier way which may sometimes lead to destruction.. Please subscribe to me and Check on my article.. I've subscribed you

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5 months ago