Finally revealed! what the big names wish you'd never know...

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What happens when being the best isn't good enough? πŸ€”

A small story to help you get into the flow...

John and Josh are both customized clothing business owners, based in the same city.

John is the definition of excellence, prim and proper, over delivers everytime! πŸ’―

Talk about top quality shirts and on-time delivery! Perfect, just perfect.

Josh, on the other hand, is quite the opposite.

He doesn't deliver on the promises he makes to clients...

From delayed delivery to low quality materials, he literally has little or nothing to offer. πŸ˜‘

You could call Josh a scam, and you wouldn't be wrong.

He constantly has to "make it up" to his clients because he almost always disappoints! Ugh! 🀒

Now, all things being equal, John should be crushing his sales, leaving Josh in the dust yeah? πŸ€”

Oh well...


Josh is big on advertising!

Small wins, big wins, he tells it all!

He's smart enough to set up a solid team to make his brand the best known in his niche...

People just naturally think of Josh when they think of customised apparel. It's not because he's the best, he just all over their faces!

John on the other hand, believes his excellence will speak for him.

He focuses on getting the job done and makes little or no noise about it...

We don't need a prophet to tell exactly how it all goes down.

Josh wins in the market place, period!

Hurtful, right? I know!

But you know why?

Your excellence will speak for you only when you make it speak!

People will appreciate only what is before their eyes.

As a business person, the more eyeballs you have on your product, the better for you!

Be memorable.

Putting it succinctly "Best Known Beats Best Every Single Time"

The legendary John Carlton once said;

"If you have a product that can change people's lives for good, and you don't use every sales tactic you know to get them to buy that product, then shame on you."

Sell ruthlessly and fiercely, don't care what anyone has to say about you.

All is fair in love and marketing πŸ˜€

Get known and get known FAST!

Moral of the story; if you believe you have a solution for the world, give them the opportunity to find you.

Don't just be the best, be known.

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