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Your Guide to Lunr token by LunarCrush on Zilliqa

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11 months ago

Hey guys, welcome back to Zilliqa Zebra. Leading US based social analytics firm LunarCrush has launched the LUNR token on Zilliqa. The LUNR token reimagines the way users perceive their value to a protocol, rewarding them for active participation, sharing and helping to grow the LunarCRUSH community. If you would like to know more about this LUNR token and how you can help drive engagement and earn some tokens, this video is for you.

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  • - 1. LUNR & LunarCrush

  • - 2. More about LUNR

  • - 3. Daily Rewards

  • - 4. Weekly Rewards

  • - 5. How to Earn Rewards?

  • - 6. Daily Reward Example

  • - 7. Weekly Reward Example

  • - 8. What are Levels?

  • - 9. Reward Actions

  • - 10. Further Rewards

  • - 11. Existing Members' Allocation

  • - 12. Power to the People!

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Written by   5
11 months ago
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