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2 years ago
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I had entered multiple dreams for some kind of sleep study, conducted by a team of people including a colleague. They told me I had to wake up so I started exiting the layered dreams one by one, a total of 87 layered dreams (quite difficult a feat). I asked them how long did it take, to which they replied "not long" but gave no specific number.

All the while they were filling up a wiki page with all the things that I was doing. They wrote that I was a fast learner and a "P-jumper" (or was it a J-pumper?), something that would manifest when I was sad or I had lost some close relative.

After I woke up I was in my bedroom in my village. I felt happy and I tried to hug my colleague but she said that the room was untidy (yeah, it was chaotic). "Oh that's nothing" I told her, "I can tidy it up in an instant by putting everything in my bag and leaving".

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