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"My Monthly RewardS"1st 70.46$ Game

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1 year ago


Today I am happy and delighted to write about my monthly Report card that I achieved.When everyone was writing about its progress,then why not my 1st article start from my monthly progress.

Design made by me:Image source Canva app

Noise Cash

I started my BCH carrier from noise cash,where I met to the people who always write and encourage Quality contents.From the start of April to the end,I was luckiest because noise cash every time updates that was helpful and beneficial for me.I encourage the people by giving tips and same people also tips me.The reward ratio increased as Noise cash updated its version when author or noiser like by heart then 0.01$ would be added to author as a reward.You can see How I progress and give tips to different good quality contents.I earned 39$.Thank God that was my 1st awesome income.

NOise cash Report:Image source(


It was my 1st interaction to the site where I Learn how to trade.It was wonderful experience and lost my 10$ there.I am happy.No doubt learning can start from your mistake.Now I am confident that I can trade in better way.I earned 24.62$ in total but due to 10$ loss in trading I was happy with 14.62$.You can see the report here.

Stormgain account:image source(


It was my other account where I have to click likes,share and comments the users present on Instagram,ticktock and twitter as well.Here I earned 130Rubles converting into 1.73$.This site pays you in rubs.It supports me and when I am free.I want to click with micro earning.

Getlike account wallet:image source(


This is also wonderful site where you write contents and others authors tip you in the form of reward.Although I joined it recently and was able to publish hardly 9 articles.This site give you earning in the form of Ethereum,Ifarm and Ampliforth.I earned not much but worthy 1.91$ in total.

Publish0x wallet:image source(


From telegram groups,I was lucky to win the spice token.I earned 2050 spice in the month of April that by exchange on Coinex make total 12.46$.It was 2nd most earning that I get from my site.It added more passion for online earning.

Coinex wallet:Image source(

Total Monthly Income

This was how I earned my rewards of 70. 46$ from the above 5 sites.Although this earning is too low.But I am happy And feel better from many others who hardly earn 20$ per month.This Corona pandemic affected all life.But I managed everything with proper scheduled.

12.46$ from Telegram

1.73$ from Getlike

1.91$ from Publish0x

39.74$ from noise cash

14.62$ from Stormgain

Result Report card

My target was to get 100$ from these sites.But I failed due to corona and my clinic duty.I am hopeful this month,I shall be able to get my reward of more than 100$ from these.I am thankful to God.And be confident to earn more from read cash.

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Written by   45
1 year ago
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I will emulate your style , by taking records of all my income/gain for the month of may. Majorly and few Telegram bot are my source of mining. Which gives BCH, the Telegram bots gives other coins ,but at a very low rate. I've not been able to get up to $1 in any coin

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1 year ago