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Motivation as the booster dose for your Success and for your mind

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2 months ago


Today I am writing my article as a 2nd dedication to ma'am @JonicaBradley who is very active and vigilant lady on read cash.Actually she arranged a writing 2#prompt-Motivation,I again accepted the challenge and decided to write my views about motivation.The mechanics described by her,I mentioned here that I also follow that.

I hope you feel motivated to take up this challenge and follow the wiring prompt.

Here are the rules:

  • Write about motivation

  • Write 100% original content

  • Write at least 600 words

  • Tag me @JonicaBradley

You people really enjoy this.After reading my article you would be able to know:

  • Definition of Motivation.

  • Motivation necessities and elements.

  • My life,It is not bragging but it can be source of motivation for me.

What is Motivation?

Any God-blessed factors that inspired you and your mind for positive deeds that are actually your target points.These factors can be a person,a video,a picture,a meeting,a book,a digest,a publication etc.

Image 1

My motivation source is the life of Last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) and the Holy Quran.When I need to learn how I treat the people and how I can improve myself in my life.I study about his life and I find guidance from every aspect of his life.He(SAW)is the role model of every human even at the last era of this month.Either your Christian,Muslim,Hindu,Catholic or have to any other religion you know deeds of Peace.All the deeds of peace find their roots from His life.Your motivation source would be different from me.But we should respect the other religion assets.Anyway,You get motivation that is imporatnat.But your source of motivation would be perfect.

Motivation Necessities and Elements

Motivation can be

  • Inner motivation

  • Outer motivation

  • Soul Motivation

Inner Motivation

It is the motivation that is present in your inner body.When you did a good deed it give you mental relaxation is called inner motivation.In the same way,when ma'am @JonicaBradley assign a prompt to Readers,then it is inner motivation for my lazy habit of writing.

Outer Motivation

It is totally controlled by external factors that I mentioned above can be a book,image,incentives and salary etc.Outer motivation is less important for me than inner motivation.As inner motivation is permanent but external motivation is temporary when the source gone your source of motivation gone.So I believe on Permanent motivation.

Image 2

Soul Motivation

When you are relax,then you should set for a deep breath and listen the voice of 6th sense that guide you when you are doing good or bad.It tells you either your doing right or wrong.Some religions write that it is inner mind of inner soul.Anyway,it is for religious people who can give time and can listen their inner voice.

My Life can be source of motivation

Here I mentioned some good people that I know on read cash that are also source of motivation for me and are helping hand for me,Please guys it is my life story you should read about it.Might be it would be source of motivation for you also.

Take a real and genuine example of motivation from me.

History is Mystery

In my primary and even elementary education I faced many financial problems.At the age of about eight years old,I was in primary school.Where I was a seller of Potatoes mixed with Soya Sauce that is my favorite dish that I can prepared still now.My father was a laborer and we hardly manage our dinner assets.So I had to managed my educational expenses through this way.But I was good in study and was passionate to get higher scores at higher level.I faced difficulties but I not distracted from my destination.I tried and tried for my target.I wanted to be a vet doctor in future.But I don't know how the fate favor to me.I am strict believer of this:

"Fate is written by you.It is upto you write good life or bad life from your hands".

After a couple of hard and even tough days,the Autumn changed into spring.It brings good days for me.I secured first position in 8th class and topped in whole District in 10th.This was a real turn and twist in my life.After getting distinction I gained opportunities for my higher education through scholarships from PEEF of about PKR 75000/- and a good laptop.These incentives are also source of motivation.Now I was more confident and strong than before.I got more and more success with same distinction in FSC.But again twist came in my medical entry test where I failed three times but did not lose hope.Once the idea of suicide came to my mind and I was ready to do that.But because of my good fate my mom saved me.I again appeared in Medical ability test again and I passed and secure my seat in vet university at the top.Now I was more successful and more happy.This is how a potato seller changed Now into vet doctor.Dreams need motivation.And the whole credit goes to my teachers and my parents who supported me.Yes,I am vet Doctor Zeshan.This is motivation story for many students here.And I am Also motivation being a doctor I am @Read.Cash user who can write still good and quality contents.So many students get motivation for me.And I am hopeful one day I would be the one who after many articles would get a good upvote from Rusty @TheRandomRewarder .Let us see.

Image 3

BCH is Motivational Crypto for many other Crypto

Yeah!This is interesting part of my this article also.When many other Crypto are dwindling and near to end.BCH is rising again and again.Its green beauty is more attractive no doubt but I like its red bath because I have more time to buy.BCH is real crypto.As my many #BCHClub members and great personalities here confirms my mind that I am not biased BCH has bright future and it is real crypto.In the coming days,it would be crypto leading from front.Having BCH you can think beyond the border as it is crypto that give you freedom.BCH is real bitcoin.I would end my article with the words.

BCH is real bitcoin!Believe Me in Crypto war.These are my peace words.

Image Sources:


  • My Android phone


All the original contents is authorized to me.So don't copy this otherwise @Read.Cash has right to take strict action against you.

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Written by   42
2 months ago
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Hey doc. You truly are a motovation. Nice meeting you here anyway. :)

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1 month ago

Thank you @immaryandmerry for your reaction and upvote.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Nice seeing you doc. So it's you on the photo? God is really good to those who persevere to achieve their goals in life.. Keep your head high up and your feet on the ground.. You'll be more successful in the future

$ 0.00
2 months ago

InshAllah. My @jane yes I am in the photo in doctor mood.Is something bad??😂😂

$ 0.00
2 months ago

It is so good to read your story. I'm so happy you were able to persevere through hard times and keep trying. Sometimes that is the hardest thing. To stick with your dream no matter what. I'm so happy your mom was able to help you through hard times. Keep writing! Your story inspired and motivates me!

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Thank you ma'am.How are you now??Are you recovered from migraine pain?

$ 0.05
2 months ago

I still have a headache. I also have a doctor's appointment on Friday. They will give me steroids to shrink my sinus tissue and antibiotics to treat the infection. And hopefully a nasal spray to continue shrinking the Sunny's tissue.

I have such terrible allergies,. go through this treatment regime every few months.

We've had so much rain this year that is wonderful for all the trees and grass. But when all the plants start blooming like crazy, my allergies kick in like crazy.

I have learned to live with the pain for the most part and only go see a doctor when I have trouble thinking through the pain.

By next week I should be good to go for a few more months.

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2 months ago

Ma'am take care of yourself.Read cash much needed a active women Here like you.Most of the time take rest.

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2 months ago

hello friend, always at work !! now I translate it into Italian and I read it!

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2 months ago

Thank you Dear is honor for me😊

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2 months ago

Thank God for your parents who stood by you. We need to be motivated especially to things we believe can help us in life. There are things we should be observant with so we can be motivated. At least your dreams was a reality because of the Motivation in your way.

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Yeah!I achieve my dream with the story started from potato seller to a vet doctor😍

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2 months ago