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In Noise Cash Palace made by Diamond BCH a secret Question,"Who will be billionaire in 2025?"

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1 year ago

Previous Feelings

After too mush hurt and sad, I still not able to recover myself I am missing my teacher very much. Anyway, it is life sometimes You have sorrows and sometimes you have Relief. I try my best to to write this article with full Attention, and I hope you will enjoy it.

After reading my title statement Who will be Billionaire in 2025?, everyone can think it is old Question and it is useless to discuss this Question again here. But dear every Question give rise to new chain of Questions. And they are the Question that sharp your mind and skills of thinking. Do you know?

"Knowledge has dominance over Worship and Thinking has dominance over Knowledge"

Quiz box of Known Answers

I have Questions that you all have answers according to your temperament.

  • What is the purpose of Noise Cash and Read cash?

  • Why these twin platforms uses BCH ?and why not other Crypto like ETH or BTC?

  • Why it needed noise cash when read cash is still have a option of short post and for long article?

  • Why MarcDemesel always appreciate good content here?

  • Why BCH price sometimes pumps and sometimes dumps?

  • Why You are here and as well as on read cash

These are couple of Questions, you all know its answer very well. So I am not going to waste your time here. You can see every Question has a link with the other Question. And learning is going on and on. If you have hurdle and not clear about the answers of these Questions you can ask with me in comment box. Everyone is welcome and I am here to educate and for learning of myself as well.

Quiz Box of Unknown Answer?

Here I want to learn and ask some Questions from you and I hope the whole BCH Community will help me to find the answer of these Questions and make me clear about it.

  • Why we need money?

  • Why we need BCH?

  • Why everyone here want a pile of BCH?

  • Who will be millionaire and Billionaire in 2025?

  • What is the purpose of BCH?

  • Why we are so involved in discussion about BCH?

  • Is the BCH the only Crypto in which investment and trading is reliable?

  • If the purpose of BCH is to spread love, then Why others still hate to this Crypto?

  • If purpose of BCH is to help others, then why some countries still want to banned this?

  • If you not have money, you still be able to serve the God's innocent creation that is dying with hunger?

  • Surely more money more help and more BCH more emotions of helping others, then why you not promote this by sending gift of BCH to your friends and Family members?

  • I have seen read cash users are 1 lac+ in number and why their learning and training here can't be able to educate and train uneducated people?

  • Why uneducated people still need BCH?

  • Why a country where freedom of money is crashed by its govt not want to adopt BCH?

  • When will the BCH price will be so enough that you will be Millionaire and Billionaire?

  • Sir Marc mentioned in his post on noise cash that wait for the era when 0.01$ will be 1000 times greater mean it will be equal to 10$, is he right?

  • Are you have patience to hold BCH?

  • Is the BCH hodl is the only solution to be a millionaires?

  • How many sites you know where BCH is prominent Crypto as a reward?

  • How much sincere are you with BCH?

  • How much you try to learn about BCH?

  • How many people you invited for onboard meeting for BCH?

  • Still you are confused about my article?

  • Still you focused who will be the millionaire and billionaire soon?

I am gonna to predict and announce the answer of the Question who will be the millionaire and billionaire in 2025?. Are you ready to listen the name of this Guy without jealousy?. How much excited are you about this?. Do you know what worth of the questions that I asked from you?. I give the answer. Don't say me stopped and don't say me maid. I have the answer! I have the answer! Let me take a deep breath and listen the announcement clearly.

"Wao, Congrats you will be the Millionaire and Billionaire in 2025."

Still you confused and can ask me how?

I want to end up this discussion and already I have spent a lot on the same Question. I want you will be the millionaire and billionaire in 2025. And you are the billion are and millionaire in 2025. Believe me, if you have the answer of the all these questions. I can bet blindly as Sir Marc mentioned 0.01$ with 1000 increment will be equal to 10$ in 2025, you will be the millionaire. Just you need to find the answers of the questions. I still recommend you one thing be positive in your target that is all your success story.

At the end I want to thank you Ma'am @JonicaBradley for providing a nice opurtunity to explore my ideas on Writing Prompt#Question. I try my best to explain and give good ideas about Prompt, I hope you will like this. I mention here the mechanics for participation here by her.

Let's focus on the things we share rather than the things that separate us from each other.

The rules are as follows:

  • Write anything about similarities

  • Write 100% original content

  • Write at least 600 words

  • Tag ma'am @JonicaBradley


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Written by   45
1 year ago
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You just give an idea of what to write next time lol

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1 year ago

Too many questions 😁

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1 year ago

Yeah! Because it is not easy to be a millionaires😂😂

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1 year ago

You can edit photos on, it's free, you can also insert some photos in this article

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1 year ago

I used Canva already. You can predict from my last Gif. Everything I am trying my best to improve. InshAllah For next Time I take help from Canva also

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1 year ago

Great and meaningful questions and still finding answers to them all. I love how you could use the prompt word here to discuss about this. Well, I think the answers lies in us "Who want to be billionaire in year 2025?" We can say it's me or it is I but all that matters is that we should keep focusing and working hard to make it a reality.

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1 year ago

Yeah!we should not take short stories. And short pathways for success. We need consistency and determination that is all..

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1 year ago