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Identical Twins in more Precise Similarities among two big Platforms

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1 month ago

Although I am too late, but not distract from my target. Again happy with the writing prompt of Ma'am @JonicaBradley who always assigns a good topic for exploring. This time I going to explain Similarities. So you need to be active, vigilant and attentive. I shall try to entertain and provide you knowledge at the same time. After reading my article, you will be able to understand:

  • The scientific meaning of Similarities

  • When similarities contradict it give rise to two other platform.

  • What are identical Twins?

  • Similarities between read cash and noise cash.

What are Similarities?

"Similarities are features that are similar or more precisely, identical to each other. These features can be color, face, writing, sample, etc.

I am a veterinarian, so I clarify it scientifically. There are two types of cellular division in a human named:

  • Mitosis gives rise to similarities.

  • Meiosis gives rise to variations that are opposite to similarities.

What is mitosis?

Mitosis is cellular division in which one parent cell gives rise to two daughter cells. As there is no crossing over between cells so no variations occurred between cells. They are 90% similar to each other. Give a broad example of plants that do asexual reproduction to give rise to similar plants. In another example, you can take examples of the donor in honey bees. Queen bees do pathogenesis, a type of mitosis that occurs which gives rise to similar donor bees.

What is meiosis?

Meiosis is a type of cell division in which one parent cell gives rise to four daughter cells that are very different from each other. In meiosis crossing over is the main process that gives rise to heterogeneity. For example, we humans during embryo production produce offspring as a result of meiosis. And we are different in many features.

My Thoughts:

I am not going to explain the similarities among living things I am going to explain similarities among non-livings and in a more precise way going to decipher similarities among the digital world connected through BCH.

Platform resulted by BCH meiosis:

Let us start our debate if I consider BCH as a parent cell and it performs meiosis then you better can understand I am talking about the features that arise from BCH and are different in many aspects. There are the following platforms that are the result of meiosis:

  • Telegram BCH bot: I share the link of the bot where you just need to click to earn free BCH by visiting sites and ads. If you want to earn free BCH then don't miss the opportunity and join now by just clicking the Telegram.

  • Memo cash: It is a platform where you can exchange your token and earn BCH in Satoshi. I named it a tiny version of Twitter for earning free BCH, you can advertise the short post, and if anyone likes can reward you in token or Satoshi. I have very good experience with this platform and able to collect many Satoshi by posting and selling my tokens. You can join this amazing platform through the link Memo.Cash.

Platform resulted by BCH mitosis:

When BCH parent cell performed mitosis it gives rise to these platforms.

  • Noise Cash

  • Read Cash

Noise Cash and Read Cash as Identical Twins:

Let me explain this if mitosis is a factor stimulated by Roger. Ver and MarcDemesel then you can say noise cash and read cash are identical twins.

What are Identical twins?

Identical twins are platforms that have common ancestry and have many similar features. If I am not wrong then Read cash was one zygote produced by BCH but this zygote gives rise to two more zygotes that are similar in many aspects. These zygote uses the same power of the good content creator and a good author.

Similarities between Read Cash and noise Cash:

There are following similar reasons I predict that these are identical twins.

  • Both have common BCH love.

  • Both have Random Rewards for their authors.

  • Both have the same chambers you can name them Channels on noise cash and communities on read cash.

  • On both platforms, authors have the same aim to post and publish genuine, pure, and legit content that would not be copy-paste.

  • Both platforms have similar heads.

  • Both platforms have the same roles and regulations.

  • Both platforms give you freedom of speech.

  • Both platforms have the same aim to provide the used BCH awareness.

  • Both are producing good content creators and spammers.

I have these similarities in my mind if you have any other. You can help me by commenting in the comment box.

Although they are 80% similar but also have many differences. I am confined to my topic similarities and I would like to write another article for the difference. I hope I try my best to entertain and give knowledge in the same flow, you would like this.

You can take part in writing 3#Prompt Similarities by just reading this.

For this week's writing prompt #3: similarities, I want you to think of all the things we have in common with each other.

Let's focus on the things we share rather than the things that separate us from each other.

The rules are as follows:

  • Write anything about similarities

  • Write 100% original content

  • Write at least 600 words

  • Tag me @JonicaBradley

Have fun and enjoy.

Image Sources:

All images are designed by me through Cave. You are allowed to share your thoughts freely. All are genuine and pure content written by me.

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Written by   42
1 month ago
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I wanted to read more about cell division! But this is a unique take on twins. Good article.

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1 month ago

1st of all Ma'am @JonicaBradelly thank you for upvote and it is honor to give you detail here for me. So please read this: Actually Cell cycle involves two steps. 1)Inter phase It is non-dividion phase,in which cell prepares itself for division. It is 90% of whole cell cycle length. It means cell most of the time remain in Interphase. It contains 1)G1-Phase In which cell increases energy demands mean energy making organelles like mitochondria etc. Cell proteins demands also increase specially that help in Chromosome replication. 2)S-Phase It is also knows as Syntheses phase,in which replication of chromosomes occurs. 3)G2-Phase Cell increases more in length and size and increase all demands of energy and protein. 2)Metotic Phase It is phase in which cell divides to give rise new cell. It involves: 1) Meosis 2)Mitosis The basic detail of both I have shared above. Identical Twins: After Zygote formation by fertilization of male and female gamete, a cleavage occurs in the center of Zygote by God. This Zygote give rise to two blastomere or cell that have abilities to give rise a new off-spring. After number of mitosis both these blastomere changes into two fetus(3month baby in mothers womb).These both babies share same type of chromosomes so they have same Triats or characteristics e.g same sex etc that is why we called them identical Twins. Sometime, Polyspermy occurs and more than one egg fertilized in this way by the willing of God. This time two zygotes forms that have different genetic set up. They can be of same gender but their traits are different we don't named them identical twins we named them Triplets. This is a simple overview you would like it. If need more detail then you mention me here. Thank you🌟

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1 month ago

Okay I write about it. And thank you all the time💕

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1 month ago

Thanks for that explanation.. I might get new ideas about mitosis and meiosis in relation to bch platforms; noise and read cash ...hihi..☺️ Anyways, thank you again for the sponsorship..☺️

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1 month ago

Haha you explained it really well especially because of the example lf mitosis,meiosis which we can't forget😂

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1 month ago

Feel like i am reading my Biology book after a long time!

$ 0.01
1 month ago

Biology book with Digital world now. So your it is your updated version.

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1 month ago

Nice analogy .. Indeed both platforms have differences but shared similarities.. And that is to share BCH with its users.

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1 month ago

Thank you @jane for always appreciation.💕

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1 month ago

You're right there similarities are unique

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1 month ago