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Free treatment is right of each animal #Episode 1"Animal Reproductive Care"

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1 year ago

Being a vet doctor, I joined a workshop of artificial insemination. Many pet lovers are here and many people like to have domestic animals. I dedicate my this article to @JonicaBradley who is true animals lover I know and @bmjc98. I love these words:

"Love to human is not Magical, Love to animal is God-gifted"

Let me introduce today article with motto Free treatment is right of each animal.This project is totally covered by BCH VET CLINIC .Specially its expenses and management.After reading my this article you would be able to know Some aspects about animal reproductive tract care. This article will cover following topics.

  • Introduction

  • Why reproductive tract care is important?

  • What is AI?

  • What are advantages of AI?

  • What are disadvantages of AI?

  • Test Tube babies vs AI


Animal reproductive care training camp was started by Buffalo Research institute Pattoki Pakistan. All Reprovets were invited from all over the country. I registered myself on June-20. I received confirmation mail yesterday and I joined this training camp today. Dear! Guys this project was not only to train vet but it is need of the day specially for animal cares. Many users here know very well when their pets have reproductive issues then how they feel pain when doctor advice Euthinase(Animal Culling) is last option. That is why our Govt take a great step for Animals Reproductive care to train our vets. I hope after reading this you will be able to know How you can better manage and take cares of your animal.

Why Reproductive Care is important?

It is as important for animals as well as for human as oxygen for life. Often Animals I shall say 70% animals dies due to reproductive tract infection. Let me introduce some diseases from which animals as well as Human affected more.


It is bacterial infection in reproductive tract and pus-like fluid is present in uterus of animal. If any animal is affected by pyometra you can't breed this animal successfully. So Animal as well as human fellow lack the ability to conceive.


If animal is treated with good antibiotic like tetracycline or oxytetracycline it can recovered rapidly.


It is most commonly find disease of animals as well as human. Reproductive tract is filled with straw colored fluid. It restricts sperm motion during mating and animal is not able to conceive.


This is also reproductive tract infection mostly of uterine glands. So we should use:

  • Antibiotics

  • Flunixin Meglomin


The infection of uterus is called metritis. This can be due to above reasons.

Its treatment is also use of good antibiotic.

4)Repeat Breeding

In this disease animals as well aa humans comes to heat and desire to mate regularly through estrus cycle in animals And Menstrual Cycle in human respectively. But when we conceive or mate with fellow then conceive is not successful. That is why we called it repeat Breeding. This is very common issue of animals and humans as many cases I have discussed on our clinic and I educated people about it.


When we check the reproductive tract by manual method, we palpate ovary of affected animal we find luteal or ovarian cyst. Both causes either repeat heat in animal or Animals not come to heat due to high progesterone level. This hormone inhibits to grow further follicle to ovulate. When Dominant follicle not ovulate then egg or ova is not produced as a result Conceive rate is zero%.


Doctor Recommend GnRH INJection to animals as well as human before or after breeding within 2 hours.

We can save our animals from these diseases, I regimen you here a good technology that is adopted in developed country to save animals from reproductive tract infections.

What is AI?

AI mean artificial insemination.

It is a technique in which sperms are deposit through AI gun into the reproductive tract of female animal. The sperms used are from cryopreservation. This is the world wide used technique. After rearing about its benefits you will prioritize your pet for this technique. source:

What are Advantages of AI?

There are following benefits of AI. And you will be able to know why We doctor recommend this.

  • It is germ-free. As I discussed it earlier sperms are used from Cryopreservation. They are fist analyzed in laboratory. And they are checked either they are germ free or not. On the opposite side, when you breed your pet naturally then there are chances serving animals have penile infection or it may have served the one female who has reproductive carrier diseases that can be transfered to further animals to whom it served. So AI you can trust is germ-free.

  • Less Cost-effect:when you breed your animals naturally the owner of male animal may charged you higher price than Artificial insemination.

  • Genetic improvement: This is one of the biggest purpose of this technique. Yeah!we vet used this technique because we used sperms of Elite animals with desired character. Mean from Vet Market you can purchased semen of your desired character. Either you want animal of higher meat or want of higher milk. Either you want docile animals or you want sluggish. Either you want your animals of red color or white color. It is your choice through AI. In this way, we are improving genetics using the semen of best fit animals.

  • Male semen can used to breed 100+ animals while in natural meeting male can serve the one female.

  • Accurate Record keeping. Yeah! Through natural breeding or in herd we don't know when the stray animals breed our pet?. But through AI we accurately know about the served date.

  • Better Semen can be transported to many countries. In this way, desired characters are easily achieved with less labor.

  • Economical

  • High Conception rate.

Disadvantages of AI

Everything in the world has advantages as well as disadvantages. We can encounter with following disadvantages.

  • Can commit damage of reproductive tract of animals during AI gun passing.

  • Animals discomfort

  • Animal habits changed

  • Need special Technique

  • Need trained or technical person

  • It need more labor. If you have for example 500 animals you have to breed 500 animals.

Test Tube Babies VS AI

In humans we used The technique of Test Tube babies. In this technique humans that are not able to take advantage of free sexual contact or have problems in natural mating with their companion. So they used this technique. It is adopted in many countries and in some countries it is banned. Here I mention my Friend MJ who has published his last article and I feel her pain absence of Descendants. Dear! Don't worry I have studied last time in my repro-books about your problem. Let me know About this method. Is it valid in your country or not. I explained it further for your ease. In this method egg is picked up from reproductive tract of female and sperms that they have in their labs are put in test tube. The eggs fertilization occurs in the tube and after embryo formation it is passed into female womb. In some countries many females used this technique without male partner and they are enjoying this method as the don't want their male partner. I give a suggestion dear MJ choice is yours.


I am repro-vet what we are doing in the field I give you a little picture about it to save you from reproductive tract infection. It is your choice either you adopt or your reject. I am not responsible.


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Written by   45
1 year ago
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HAHAHAH. Okay, thanks for the mention. Actually, I'm not sure if this is available in my country. This would be great as I don't need to worry about how to get a male sperm or something. The problem is the cost. This could be super expensive, and I don't think I can afford this. :)

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1 year ago

You should check for that I hope it will work and be safe for you.

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1 year ago

Thanks for the mention. Here in the U.S. AI is mostly used for cattle and horses. I've heard of people using AI for their goats, but this is not a very cost effecting way to breed. Of course there are goat breeders who register their high dollar animals. When a goat buck can go for $5,000.00 it is wise to collect and save sperm. Our goats are not registered. We aren't considered "breeders". Neither are our sheep. But we do have a good line of ewes out of our first lamb, EweGirl. She is several years old and all the females of her line are good breeders and excellent mothers.

If it weren't so expensive, I would love to harvest her eggs to have on hand.

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1 year ago

Good thing you are working on and on without any pause. I hope you have a large farm soon because of your animal love and attraction.

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1 year ago