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A Teacher appreciation to a teacher,"You Have made the difference"

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1 year ago

"A doctor can treat one patient by one injection of medication at a time , but a teacher can treat the whole nation by injection of his spiritual words"

I dedicate my this article to my Colleague Sir Faiz sb who is no more with us. I heard this shocking news when I was scrolling my Facebook I'd. He is not my teacher but my Colleague in teaching biology. Let me introduce him. He is the person who is admin and head of Alflah Girls High School.I can remember easily my 1st interview as a teacher for biology class in 9th grade in 2015. Class room was full of girls and boys ready to punch over me. I was guarded already and it was my 1st demo class as a biology teacher. Students asked me many questions related to environment and classification of organisms. I answered all very well.

After my demo class, Sir Faiz asked From Whole Class.

Are you ready to learn biology from Sir Zeshan?

Whole class answered me:

Yes, of course! Sir is Very good in teaching.

Aha! I started my carrier with a great victory.

Believe me! I taught with him for more than 4 years. And In my whole teaching carrier I never met a person like him. My appreciation words for him.

Respected Faiz sb

"Although we both were biology teacher but I learn Humanology from him"

He has many hundreds and thousands of pupils some are doctors some are engineers and some are in bureaucracy.He was teacher in true sense. He was all the time busy with students. I get many ideas from him. Today when I heard about the news of his death. I felt like I have no earth for stand. My whole body was shacking with afraid. All I have tears and I was crying fast and fast. This was Altogether loss of my whole nation. I have no words to express my feelings into words. Teacher deserves respect And love. I am vet in 2021 due to his motivation And encouragement. I am sad about you sir. I am sad I don't forget your words I don't forget your words. At the end I have a song for sum up my emotions.This sing is for those who inspires us.

🎶You have made a difference🎶

Who always lend helping hand

To help show us the ways

This song is for those

Who see thier students trough

The tough times in their lives

For that we say thank you

🎶You have made a difference🎶

You have sharped our minds

You have changed the world

One child at a time

You have always been there🎶🎶

Good teachers never died they lived in someone hearts on some pages of books on some events of golden history. Sir I hope Sooner you will be in Janah. You will be sooner in Galaxy of great Scholar. We always remember you in good words. We miss you always.


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Unsplash and my android phone.

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Written by   45
1 year ago
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Good people will always be remembered. Rest in peace to the man you looked up to and inspired you to be a vet.

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1 year ago

Amen... Thank you po😓

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1 year ago