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A dog Swallowed Bitcoin

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1 month ago

Many of us reading my article thinking about a funny article just like jokes and memes of Elon Musk.No!No!This is not the funny story you think,it is genuine story that I received through my email by medium.I was also amazed and was laughing when I get the attention of the words,"A dog Swallowed Bitcoin".The writer of this article was Localbitcoin.

Anyway,after reading my article you would be able to know the two beautiful facts and real facts I want to explain here.

  • Elon Musk Last tweet about Bitcoin

  • Is Dogecoin Swallowed Bitcoin?

  • What is the real story that I read from medium?

  • BCH is real Crypto.

Let us start:

Elon Musk Last tweet About Bitcoin

Everyone here,who has Crypto mind already know about Elon.I just give you a short intro of him and go forward to our story.Elon is one of the richest person in the world.He has sublime mind for Crypto.He is cofounder and business man in SpaceX and product architect of Tesla.

Now Let us know about his last tweet about Bitcoin and suddenly after his tweet all Bitcoin changed into bloody bath.He tweeted Tesla has suspended purchases through bitcoin.It was very drastic news and after a day.Bitcoin whose price was at about 64000$ rapidly dumped and start to bleeding day-day.Till now he has not recover from its bloody period.For more detail you can check his following tweet.


Crypto Holder Are Gambler?

After Elon Musk tweet,you can observe all the Scenario in Crypto war.Can I say Elon is a gambler?.If I talk about @Read.Cash that give me freedom of speech.I would say,"Yes,Elon and everyone who is manipulating Crypto to be millionaire to be billionaire in no time is gambler.After reading daily news,I also has interesting story.A divorce due to Bitcoin,this is another story I also write about it sooner.Anyway,come to our topic,People who has full control of Crypto are gambler and playing with emotions of people.The real Crypto has freedom of money And has protective layer for its investor. I agreed to reader I unluckily forget about him.But I can remember his words here.He mentioned in his article,"Be vigilant and active for investing in bitcoin your money is not more in safe hand if you invest blindly".I agreed to your point sir.If you are reading my article please mention your more advice and suggestion here.You are welcomed.

Is Dogecoin Swallowed Bitcoin?

Many users here give the question of this answer ,"Yes".And some have other mind might be say,"No".If you give response as ,"No",follow me give the answer with logical reason.I say here Bitcoin swallowed bitcoin.Is this is same bitcoin that @Satoshi @nimbyovered for peer-peer transaction and money for everyone.Literally and believe me,it is not the same.Blockstream and many Crypto holders are involved in manipulation.That is why,I shall say here Bitcoin swallowed bitcoin.It is not the dogcoin who swollen bitcoin.Elon,I respect him but when he do the good job and if he commit wrong I have freedom of speech And freedom of mind I will say it wrong.For many users and they think about Dogcoin And Elon Musk swallowed the bitcoin.For their mind,he also have a made a beautiful Gif you really enjoy it.

Real Story that I have read on Medium

Actually,I get the title of article from medium as it look more funny and logic full to explain.The real story the author named as Localbitcoin mention was as:

One day his friend visited his house with his Rotveiler Dog.He is his that friend to whom he already invited on onboard meeting for bitcoin.Unfortunately,his friend mentioned that his dog has swallowed the wallet of bitcoin.And now he is very worried now.He asked to his affected friend,"Have you seed Phrase".The affected friend replied,"No".Then Author smiled and replied you should visit a vet for its surgery to get your wallet from stomach in funny mood.Your dog is owner of bitcoin.Here comes the tittle very fit,"A dog swallowed Bitcoin".


BCH is real Bitcoin

BCH is real crypto.Actually,BTC is the Crypto to whom dog of Elon swallowed.So don't worry,leave BTC,join to BCH,invest and enjoy real Crypto.I always appreciate dear @CryptoMax who explore the hidden facts of Crypto and Sir @PVMihalache who know how to reveal And trace real Crypto.I always enjoyed and learned a lot from their articles.

But here one last thing you don't miss that if we are real lover of BCH without any biased and want that BCH would be Number one Crypto in the world and will have leading role in near future.Then stand up with majestic,real stars with natural mind of Crypto lover Sir @MarcDeMesel and Sir @Roger.Ver .These both Guys I observe them on Electronic media and Social media very active in showing their BCH love without Biased.Thank you Sir I am and many reader here are with you.BCH would be the Bitcoin to whom Dog of Elon Musk did't be able to swallow.Applause and more support to you!

Note:All the views and content are oriented by me.So Don't copy otherwise can take strict action against you.

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Written by   42
1 month ago
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