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6 months ago

Hey Peeps!

For May's Crypto of the Month Vote, we had 48 Followers submit their votes for 16 different cryptocurrencies! 


The Top 5 Cryptocurrencies with the most Votes:

1st -  Polygon (MATIC) with 14 votes

2nd - Litecoin (LTC) with 10 votes

3rd - Nano (XNO), Binance Coin (BNB) tied with 4 votes each

4th - Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with 3 votes

5th - Cardano (ADA) with 2 votes


The community has chosen....and Polygon (MATIC) is May's Crypto of the Month!


Complete the 4 steps below to enter the Zero to Hero Giveaway:

  • Follow me on Publish0x

  • Like this post

  • Tip this post

  • Leave your Polygon (MATIC) Wallet Address in the Comment section --- The reward will be sent via the Polygon Network.

  • OPTIONAL - Follow me on MEDIUM to earn one extra entry in the Giveaway. Leave your Medium username in the comments below if you completed this step!


You have until 7:00pm UTC on May 31st to complete the steps and enter the Zero to Hero Giveaway!


So what exactly is the Zero to Hero Giveaway?

  • It is a monthly giveaway on Publish0x, where I have committed to giving back 25% of my monthly Publish0x earnings to One Lucky Follower. 

  • Every month, my followers get to vote on the Crypto of the Month. 

  • The Crypto that receives the most votes, will determine the crypto that the Zero to Hero Winner will be paid out in. 

  • I normally make a Post for the Voting process in the first couple days of the month, and followers have until the 10th to get their votes in. 

  • If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments!


Last month, I paid $7.47 worth of Bitcoin (BTC) to the Winner, Amjadwaince.


The winner of the last giveaway won because of their Medium might be a good idea to improve your chances of winning!


If you are curious how the Lucky Follower is selected, check out this video:

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Remember that the more you like and tip my Articles, the more that will go towards the Monthly Giveaway Reward! 


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See ya!


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Done liking your post, tipping your post and following you both on publish0x and on medium with the username AroojKhalid. 0xf01F96c48232681e4A0Eae932cc4cC9457EBA6aD

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