Voyager and U.S. Government Reach Agreement, Clearing the Way for $1.02 Billion Deal with Binance

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7 months ago

Hey Peeps!

On April 19th, Voyager announced an agreement with the United States Federal Government to allow the $1.02 billion deal with Binance to move forward.

The agreed upon resolution, with the U.S. Government, will allow the Binance/Voyager deal to move forward without the exculpation provision, which would relieve Voyager officials from any liability.

Without the exculpation provision, Voyager officials will now be liable to criminal charges if regulators decide to investigate them for their role in the collapse of the Voyager cryptocurrency exchange.

This positive resolution comes almost a month after the Binance/Voyager deal was halted by U.S. District Judge Jennifer Rearden.

The purchase agreement between Binance and Voyager was originally agreed to back in December 2022, and received final approval in early March 2023, despite regulatory complaints from the SEC and CFTC.

The Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors of Voyager took to Twitter to share the amazing news.

Voyager, the UCC, and the Government reached a resolution that will allow the Plan to move forward and go effective shortly.

The resolution is embodied in a joint stipulation providing that the appeals will continue with respect to the Plan’s exculpation provision. The Government has agreed that the Plan may move forward without such provision and will not otherwise be subject to the stay.

Voyager and the UCC are working with Binance.US to move forward as quickly as possible once this stipulation is approved by the District Court.

- Statement by the Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors of Voyager

I have been covering this Binance/Voyager since the beginning, as I am one of the many Voyager customers/victims, and this has been a hell of a journey.

I would love this to be the last time I write about this Binance/Voyager deal…that is until I write about finally receiving my long-awaited crypto assets!

What are your thoughts on this news?

Will this be the final update regarding the Voyager and Binance drama?

What else could happen now to stop this deal?

Are you excited to finally be getting your crypto assets back?

See ya!


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