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The September Giveaway is ALMOST OVER!

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2 months ago

Every month, I host a Crypto Giveaway where I reward one Lucky Follower with 25% of my monthly Publish0x earnings.

Enter the Giveaway here:


Just follow the 4 steps below to enter the September Giveaway:

  • To be eligible you must be a Follower,

  • you must Like this post,

  • you must Tip this post,

  • and you must leave your Nano (XNO) Wallet Address in the Comment section. 


You have until 7:59pm UTC on September 30th to complete the steps and enter the Giveaway!


For this month, I will use the profits I make between September 1st and the 30th. 

On September 1st, I announced that B18 was the Lucky Winner of the August Giveaway! B18 won $2.37 worth of Bitcoin paid directly to his wallet!

You can win too!


Last month, the reward was paid out in Bitcoin. However, going forward the community will be voting on what the Crypto of the Month should be!

On my last Giveaway post, I asked my awesome followers to vote on which Crypto they want, and I got a good variety of responses, with the winner eventually being declared as Nano (XNO). 



DO NOT FORGET to comment you Nano wallet down in the comments. If you do not have a Nano wallet, you can find one that works for you here


I love this small community we have built so far. I appreciate you guys more than I can express!

Let's continue to grow this community and grow this Reward Pool!



Last but not least...what do you guys think of "Zero to Hero"?

Do you think if I made a post with this as the title, people would know it is, or be interested to click?

I think it is growing on me and I might make it the official title of this Giveaway Series, and start working on a dedicated Thumbnail for the title. 



See ya!

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Written by   13
2 months ago
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