From Busker to Global Music Star: My Short Journey in the Rising Star Game

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7 months ago

Hey Peeps!

For the last few months I have been playing this play-to-earn game, on the Hive blockchain, called Rising Star.

Rising Star is a NFT trading card game where you start your path as a lowly “busker”, or street performer, and work your way up to being a global music star.

Players complete “Missions” that reward STARBITS, the in-game cryptocurrency of Rising Star, which is also tradeable on Hive Engine.

As a player gain fans and XP, they will be able to visit new zones that unlock new missions to be completed.

The game is completely free to play and requires absolutely no investment to get started and play.

I have not put any investment into this game so it has been a bit of a grind so far.

However, the grind has gotten much easier after I saved up 10k STARBITS for an NFT card pack and then pulled my first Epic NFT card.

The Epic NFT is a “Native 1200” Motorcycle that will be used as the Band Vehicle.

My Rising Star NFT collection consists of 13 total cards, but I am only able to use 3 at the moment; the Lead Singer, his Musical Instrument, and the Band Vehicle.

The 3 cards I currently have applied to my Band are:

  • Singer: Bernie (R279)

  • Instrument: RS 550 Microphone (R304)

  • Vehicle: Native 1200 Motorcycle (E139)

The stats for my Band are:

  • 1100 Fans

  • 84 Luck

  • 335 Skill

  • 20 Income Modifier

The newly acquired Epic Motorcycle NFT is contributing heavily to my stats with 1k Fans, 5 Luck, and an Income Modifier of 10.

With the 1k Fans from the Epic Motorcycle NFT, I am now able to access all the missions in the first zone.

I can now complete the “Saturday Headline” mission which rewards me with 350 STARBITS and 127 XP for each completion.

Compare this to the “Busking With A License” mission that provided 60 STARBITS and 93 XP, and you can see how big of a difference this will make in the long run.

Now I will just continue to stock up my STARBITS until 10k and then use them to purchase a Rising Star NFT card pack, hoping for another Epic or even Legendary card pull.

If you are interested in checking out Rising Star, please consider using my referral link:

Have you ever played Rising Star?

If not, would you now consider playing Rising Star?

Do you have any other play-to-earn blockchain games to share?

See ya!


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7 months ago