Love Story Part 1

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A girl,whose the actual heroine of the story , named ANA , JUST shifted to a new house, from somewhere else, and at the very next day she made her neighbour her friend , the neighbour was really sweet and just naughty like the girl was , her freind and ANA made a lot of fun together , the neighbour has one brother and another little sister , ANA her freind and freind's sister use to play alot ,

they often go for outings for shoppings, and really had so much fun, as ANA was a reserved girl so she dont usually go to her neighbour's , i mean her freind's house, when her brother is at home ,she feel so uncomfortable, 

By the way one day , ANA'S neighbour just got her to her house, ANA didnt knew that her brother was there, ANA didnt even have an idea that what this guy is actually , what's his nature and all,   he was so jolly 😃 Ana sat on the sofa and he just came and sat with her , they were all playing some type game, 

  days passed and they all got a really good group Ana's freind her little sister and brother , 

but Ana got so irritated with her freind's brother "MAAN" , Maan was a really jolly person he really enjoys alot in his company and he find Ana ,that she is  really irritated with me , so as he was a naughty boy, he started annoying her as a hell 😄, Ana also annoy him there freindhship becomes like tom and jerry !!

and this all remain going, days passed , One day, Maan send a picture to Ana's phone, which was edited and it was actually Ana's picture and it was really looking funny , and what?

The chat started 😊

they become freinds , even they become best freinds, they go for outings and started  having alot of fun, 

After 3 months of freindship they got so attachted like they didnt even spend a moment without talking,they just started talking all the time , One day Ana's freind decided to go on a dinner and they got stucked on a decision that  who'll drive the car ,as they both dont know how to drive, so they decided to ask Maan for it , as maan was so attached to Ana now he cant say no to her ,

They sit in the car, Maan on the driving seat , her sister just on left infront and Ana sat just behind driver's seat , the drive started, Ana was talking with her freind enjoying the things, and suddenly she noticed that Maan is watching her through the centre mirror of the car , When she saw him, he just rolled up his eyes, this happened twice, and the third time, when he look him, she look him with a smile and they constantly look into eachother's eyes for some second and both just rolled up , both just thought what is just happendened we are freinds and why is this happening ? two or three times things like this happened !! 

One day, the girl was preparing for her exam, she left her phone for an hour and when she got back she got hundered calls and alot of messages it was the first time , she lefted the phone not talking to him, she just called him back and say i was preparing what happend?  he said ,he was tensed  she asked  him to calmn down and to message her as her mother was there, 

So they started a chat, and in between the chat , MAAN in a naughty way asked, why were you looking at me from the mirror that day?, Ana said "wait what ?" you were looking at me!!🙄 both laughed and just talked a little more , Maan randomly just said, ANA what is just happening ? 

Ana asked what ? 

He said,  cant you get it ? we cant stay without talking  , we love talking ,

we enjoy eachothers company!! 

ANA Said , stop thinking so much its normal, i am going to study now, 

In the evening when they talked again Maan just proposed her, as he know now he's in love with her ,

She was just expecting it from him cause inside her heart she also started to love him, than after sometime she just confessed that she also love him 😍 and the story got started here ..the next day they planned to meet and just say it all on face, Ana was not allowed to go out , and it was awkward for her family and her if Maan come on her house because he usually dont ,

so they decided to meet, secretly somewhere ....


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