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She is a little 15 years old girl with alot of dreams in her eyes,

She dont have siblings , she have just parents and she is a star of her parent's eyes,

She is a happeining and a happy girl,

But, One day she got to know that her mother have a freind , just younger than her mother, her mother started talking to him , now she is very tensed and disturbed that why is her mother making these hidden freinds , hiding from the girl's father ,

Well , Some days passed , the mother tell , father about the freind and it got so much like family now and the boy started coming to the house now , the outings started ,

The boy use to say the girl her daughter infront of everyone now , she didnt actually know uptil now what is going on in his mind!!

Now 6 months have passed to the freindship and it is just like a family, the boy usually come to the girl's house in afternoon from his office lunch time , and sometimes to take rest ,he sleeps there also !! It was just so like family ...they use to sleep in launch with a little little gap,

Now it was an afternoon the girl just has come from school and just sleep , they all three were sleeping, with a lot of gap in them as it is needed ,

Suddenly the girl felt a little touch around her back, she is just ignoring it , again , now he grabbed around her hips very tight, she just stand up and shout a little, her mother stand up and asked what happened ,the girl is so in the situation that she couldn't say anything , the boy just rapidly say that there was a coacroch there ,

Now the girl went to her room cried alot and just decided to stay quite and didnt tell any body ,

The very next day, now they have to go for outing as decided but the girl dont wanna go, but as she cant tell the reason then decided to go,

As the car has to be driven by father and mama has to sit in front , the clever boy just rapidly decided to sir in the middle , so the girl's parents wont be able to see the girl ,

Now the car started , and the clever decided to do the same again, he is just talking to much to the paretns that the wont be able to think about the girl, during the whole travel , he just touched her and grabbed her body parts and did no end harrasment !!

She just managed and controlled herself ,but now she decided to tell her mother,

but the mistake was, she tell her all infront of the cheap and clever minded boy as she cant bear his face for a seccond she got so angry and tell her mother ,but he started acting so innocent and her mother just slapped her instead !!

Now she decided to remain quite again, as she cant do anything she have seen,

After two days another afternoon, he just come and same sleep, her mother was sleeping ,he just put his hand so tightly on her mouth but his hands in between the girl's legs and pull her to the bed inside the room , he touched her and did all bad things, he wa just about to do what he was up to , but , luckily the girl is saved now , he saw the girl's mother coming ,he just rapidly left her and just run to washroom,

The girl was so into the situation so se cant even speak, she was in a shock, she just lyed on the bed hiding her face and just act to sleep ,

That was the worst thing ever happened to her , even after she was saved but , only a girl can feel it how harrasment feel!!

NOW SHE IS 20 ,still she knows every , cheap eye of any boy and everything she can feel the same !

She got into that situation , whenever she watch such scenes or read some scenes like this , and started shivering and started sweating and just started crying,

But still she face all this alone !!

No one ever heared this, she didnt ever tell somebody about it !!

She is a fearless confident girl, with dreams in her eyes,

but she still lost all the confident when this fear comes infront of her ..

She can never ever forget it !

and i think it will always be like this in her until she die !!!

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