MONEY is the REASON for everything but it doesn't SAVES YOU.

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Money gives us freedom to choose what our life would be and when we have money we have the privilege to access goods and services. Money is important for us to buy basic necessities: food and shelter this is important for us to live. For if we don't have money we can't afford the basic necessities that we need in life.

Money is the reason why some people study hard for if they are being professional they are being paid higher than the ordinary people.

Money is the reason why people work hard for they wanted to be promoted for the higher salary income for basic necessities get expensive every now and then.

Money is the reason why some people wanted to work abroad they wanted to be paid higher. They leave their families just to give what they wanted through money.

Money is the reason why some people get married.They believe that money give them happiness.

However, too greed with money is not good why? Money will consume your life for nothing important to you other than money.

Now a days a lot of people cannot work without money involve.They wanted to be paid with their effort. These people cannot accept work without money. Its better for them to sit and sleep than working without money. Because their effort is very important to them they don't want to help people for they believe that if they help through money their effort is being wasted.

However, some people feel empty without money.These people cannot think and uneasy all the time without money in them.

Meanwhile, some people feel burden without money. These people comparing theirself to other people who are generating money at their age. They wanted to have money but because of some reason they can't work.

Moverover, some people turn their self to money. It means that they made money as the center of their life. They do everything just to have money like illegal or not. These people believe that without money their life is useless. Money makes them bad for money gives them life.They exist because of money.But to some people money is the reason why they are in prison for money is more valuable than their life.

Furthermore, some people help just because of money.These people wanted to be famous to have some power over people.

Because of Money

Because of money you forget to live your life where it should be.You forget the reason of your life, your self. You forget to love the people around you.

Because of greediness of money a lof of people die.

Because of money you close your eyes and heart to the real value of money. Because your heart is full of money, manipulated you.

Yes, money is important that we have the freedom and choice in everything we want. It made our life easier in many ways but we should not make money as the reason to live and the reason for destroying ourself. We should not put ourself at risk because of money for our life is more valuable than money. Yes, we need money to buy goods and services, and educate ourself for us to be successful in life, without money we cannot do the things that requires money.But this should not be the reason why we can't enjoy our life.Did you know that those people who have lots of money have more problem than ordinary people? Why because some people believe that they are always in danger, they feel like anytime theres someone out there that will snatch them and kill them.They are being paranoid. I am not saying that being rich is not good, for a lot of us dreaming to be rich, to have comfortable life in the future.What Im saying is money cannot buy happiness, love, health and peace of mind.For money gives more trouble and problems if you don't know how to handle it. Money will eat or consume you if you make that as the reason of your life.

Money makes our life comfortable but spend it well and don't be greedy, for money will not save you for justice in heaven is just and righteous.

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