How do I make my girlfriend attached to me

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2 years ago

One of the important words that your sweetheart wants to hear is the word I love you, but there are also other words that delight her hearing and make it more and more related to you.

One of the most important of these words will stick to our relationship, because that word reassures the girl a lot because it means that you will never overdo the relationship between you and you will do everything you can to make it successful, which of course is what the girl and boy want at the same time

One of the most important things in any relationship between two, especially if it is a love relationship between a boy and a girl, is respect. Therefore, when you say to the girl you love, I respect, you are thereby making her very happy.

I support you. This is not just a word you say to your sweetheart, but it should also appear in your behavior with her, so that you make her feel that you will always be in her back and in her aid whenever she needs you.

I will protect you. That word makes the girl feel strong and loving towards those who say it to her, because he feels that he will protect her, whatever threatens or tires her in her life.

If your sweetheart bothered you, was a nuisance, upset, or something like that, do not violate or anger her, just tell her I forgive you and that will make her very happy because she will feel that you love her so much and you will forgive her for anything

The word "sacrificial for you" is a word full of emotion and intense love. When you say it to your sweetheart, you will feel the joy and intense love for you and you will also feel your love for her, which is what you naturally want

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