What is an airdrop? How it is used and profit from it

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Airdrop is a free download of currency when a blockchain project team distributes it in a freeway through the official airdrop site.

What is airdrop:

Free distribution of electronic currencies with Erc 20 technology, meaning that you get electronic currencies in exchange for a task that you carry out, and these tasks vary from one task to another and are carried out according to the company or site you work in.

In other words, it is a new currency project that has been launched that promotes and distributes the currency in exchange for you to create some conditions to obtain the currency and most of these conditions (liking Facebook pages, following an account on Twitter and Instagram, or joining a group on social networking sites and posting a link Inviting friends and sharing currency articles is more profitable than previous tasks).

Sometimes the company that produces and distributes digital currency for free without asking for any assignments

What are the stages you will go through in earning airdrop coins:

After the airdrop is completed, the currency enters an “investment strategy” which is a platform for trading, and where profits are distributed to the registrants on the airdrop site, and then you can sell the coins or store them on the Myetherwallet wallet to increase your profits more and benefit more because it works with the Erc 20 currency Yttrium.

Is AirDrop the one distributing the new currencies?

The new companies that created this currency are the ones who distribute it to the registrants on the "AirDrop" site in a small amount as propaganda on this type of site to gain great fame.

What is the profit you get after registering on the airdrop site?

In the beginning, it will be $ 1 and sometimes $ 100 according to your speed in the tasks required of you that you carry out, the market and the developed team are what determine this, and it is possible to take the currency after you subscribe directly to the airdrop, and in many times it is sent to you after the end of the "ico" stage The currency ICO is the stage in which the company offers the currency for sale and distributes part of it for free at the same time.

What do you do next?

After the completion of the ice stage and the currency began to appear on the platforms, you can sell it on the platforms or store it for the future as you choose.

How long is the echo phase?

Depending on the currencies themselves, currencies can take weeks and other currencies take months.

But you must store your account information on the airdrop website such as (name and password) on the computer of each company that you register to benefit from it later after that because some currencies are not sent automatically, but rather you must log in to your own account on the Airdrop site Until you withdraw it yourself to your Myetherwallet wallet.

How to start registering on the airdrop site?

All you need for a Gmail account to send and track Airdrops on it.

Twitter account because some developed teams ask you to return their tweets or comment on and like them so that they give you an amount of their free currency.

A Facebook account to like, comment, and share to support the posts required in your assignments.

Telegram to make a post to make sure you support the coin and the team.

Bitcoin Talk: the most famous global forum for digital currency fields, so any currency you want to find an article for it on this forum may require you to post a positive comment in their article or share it on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking sites.

Reddit is an important global social site that the teams that create new currencies rely on for you to play.

Myetherwallet is a wallet in which you register to receive airdrop coins.

After you finish creating all these accounts, go to the AirDrop website and start carrying out tasks to get more digital currencies and dollars.

Note * It is important to be careful when choosing an Airdrop, because you may fall prey to a company stealing personal data

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