The best Netflix series ever you have to watch now

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You want to relax and watch an interesting series, but there are many options, and you take a long time searching and making decisions, so we want to share the best Netflix series with you.

Netflix is ​​one of the most famous viewing sites on demand in the world, where you can watch many movies and series as soon as you subscribe to the site, and what distinguishes the site is the absence of ads.

There is nothing more beautiful than lying down at home and watching an interesting series that helps us to separate from the outside world, and recently there are many series that have appeared and caused a sensation and had followers from all over the world, and even the viewer was linked to the events as if they were true.

The best Netflix series

If you are a fan of fairy tales, and mysteries, this handpicked group will impress you.

"Stranger Things"

Best Netflix series

A series suitable for all age groups, the series takes place in the eighties, a wonderful choice for the era because it is suitable for all strange and interesting events.

The series is classified as science fiction and horror, and the events take place in a fictional city called "Hawkins" in America. The events begin when the child "Will Bayer" disappears in mysterious circumstances while returning to his home, and after his disappearance, his three friends meet an eccentric girl with strange abilities such as remote movement and called "Eleven" feels strange.

Hence, the events revolve around the discovery of a secret organization in the town, and the trio discovers that the organization is carrying out secret scientific research and experiments and works for the benefit of the US government, and because of these scientific experiments led to a defect in one of the dimensions of the universe, as this caused the emergence of a monster that everyone tries to fight.

The series "Black Mirror"

It is one of the best Netflix series, the series follows the independent episode system, but I don't exaggerate when saying that each episode is an irresistible work of art.

Each episode has a different cast, revolving around the dark side of life and technology and its impact on the human psyche in an interesting and dramatic framework.

"Black Mirror" If you are motivated or curious about knowing the meaning of the name of the series, "Charlie Brooker" stated that "the black mirror" is the black screen of electronic devices (phone, computer, and television).

The series "Dark"

Best Netflix series

The talk about the series "Dark" has spread recently, as the viewer was associated with ambiguous events, and many theories emerged that clarify the idea of ​​the series for the followers to understand.

A German science fiction series, the events begin in a small German town, and with the first minutes of the series, panic reigns in the town because of the disappearance of a child and everyone is looking for him, but another child disappears in mysterious circumstances.

Events run along with three timelines, the secrets of four families separated from each other are revealed, and then knowledge of their hidden connections to each other begins.

The series "Vikings"


A historical series built on folk myths and ancient tales passed down through generations, and the "Vikings" are the pirates of the north in the Irish people.

The series shows some legendary epics, and the story revolves around the rise of the "Vikings" tribes as a power of great influence in the Middle Ages.

The best Netflix series

Dramatic stories affect the viewers a lot, and you feel that you are one of the heroes, I hope you all like this group of series carefully chosen for you.

The series "Anne with an e"

Best Netflix series

The series is adapted from a novel by Canadian author "Lucy Maud", at first she loves the colors in which the series is shown, and chronicles the events where events take place in the nineteenth century.

The events revolve around a young orphan girl who lives in shelters and strangers' homes and is sent by mistake to live with an elderly sister and brother, and in Anne's adventures, the series discusses the issues that people experience at all times, including identity, femininity, and bullying.

Bojack horseman

Bojack horseman

The series is rated by "Thrillist" as the best series on Netflix.

It may deceive you at first glance that it is a comic series because of its nature as animation, but with the sequence of events, you discover drama and how to deal with reality and depression, psychological trauma, addiction, and racism.

The series revolves around "Bojack", the famous star in the nineties, who turned into a lonely old alcoholic, haunted by the past and the future.

Bojack Horseman: A horse in his mid-fifties, an alcoholic, best known for his performance in the 1990s comedy series.

Princess Caroline: Pink Cat is Bojack's business manager and ex-girlfriend.

Diane: A writer of Vietnamese descent, who lives with his friend Mr. Pinat Better, helps Bojack write his life story.

Mr. Pinnat Better: a funny dog, a friend of "Diane".

Todd: An unemployed 21-year-old man who lives in Bojack's house.

The series "Breaking Bad"

Breaking Bad

The series featured a group of heroes and characters whose performance was described as legendary, and it is one of the best Netflix series, an entertaining and unique American crime drama series.

The series “Breaking Bad” revolves around a chemistry teacher who discovers that he suffers from advanced lung cancer, which is difficult to cure.

Therefore, he turned to crime in order to secure the future of his family before death, and he turned to sell drugs, especially "methamphetamine", where "Walter" cooperates with one of his former students.

The series "Sherlock"

Best Netflix series

"Sherlock Holmes" is one of the most famous characters throughout history, and the series is one of the greatest series on Netflix.

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