How to make a man jealous of you

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Some argue that arousing a man's jealousy is necessary for an exciting romantic relationship. Psychologists have used the term “arousing jealousy” to refer to arousing jealousy in a man. Learn how to make a man jealous of you? . A study at Ashland Brent University found that 82% of women were keen to arouse jealousy in their husbands at least once during their romantic relationships. As one of the ways to revive the emotional relationship, especially when you focus your efforts on it. Because the emotional relationship with the passage of time is affected and the two parties are preoccupied with many other matters.

How to make a man jealous of you?

1. Excessive concern for your appearance:

When you plan to go out to meet your old friends and pass in front of your partner, he notices the extent of your increased interest in yourself, as you appear 10 times more beautiful each time. The man hates this feeling and works to provoke his jealousy on you .. Simply to make the man jealous of you, you can appear better than the way you are with him. When a man realizes he is more interested in the outside interview than he is jealous.

One of the great ideas for taking care of your appearance is eating healthy and making sure to exercise regularly or try wearing a little simple makeup. Trying a new hairstyle or a different brand all of these things might get him really crazy.

2. Acting in disinterest:

Human nature is weird sometimes, because we want others to behave a certain way for us when we may not behave the same way to him. Therefore, when you experience disinterest and ignore some responses to him such as being late in sending a text message on something related to him that makes him jealous of you.

3. Claiming preoccupation:

Pretending that you are busy makes him jealous of you, especially when keeping your time-consuming plans vague about him. Your partner thinks you are busy seeing someone else and he doesn't know anything.

4- Not responding to him directly:

If you want to make your partner a jealous person when they text you, definitely don't try to respond right away. You have to wait for 30 minutes and up to 4 hours for a response, or longer than that. Often the man waits for this period and wants to get an immediate response to feel your interest in him, but the wait increases the boil of blood in his veins.

5. Have a brief conversation with him:

Trying to keep a part mysterious when talking to him is one way to get your partner aroused. Also, if you have free time, you can talk to him in a short way. For example, when asked what do you do? You can answer with a short answer "Nothing". There are more questions that you can answer in a brief way that makes him feel jealous, especially when the comments are simple and brief.

6. Spending a long time without it:

When your partner thinks you need him, he thinks it's impossible to spend a long time without him. So, when you spend too long without seeing him you make him boil over with jealousy. All you need is to spend a lot of time without it. Even trying to find ways to enjoy your life away from him, for example going out for a walk with your friends, makes him incredibly jealous.

7. Talking about another man in front of him:

You undoubtedly know that talking about another man in front of him is quite jealous. It seems like a completely annoying idea to men, and 99% of women try it. You can comment on the behavior of one of the other men in front of him by praising this man for his behavior that you like, especially when talking enthusiastically about him.

8. Use of social media:

Social media is one of the ways that arouse a man’s jealousy, such as talking about a school acquaintance from his childhood days on Facebook. Thus, you can use this tool to arouse man's jealousy easily. The use of social media in various ways, such as posts and pictures, even short conversations, vague plans and not responding to his messages are all ways that enable you to increase man's jealousy.

9. Go out with your friends:

When you avoid sitting at home and your partner asks you to sit at home with him, you prefer to go out with your friends and prepare plans to keep busy for the evening. You want to live an independent life away from him for a period of change and feel that he can dispense with him.

10. Go to the gym:

Going to the gym for a workout is one form of taking care of your body. Some men this behavior arouses jealousy in them because they realize that leaving the house makes you get to know many individuals in the male community around you.

11. Talk about your old friends:

When one of the parties tries to draw the attention of the partner and others about his past and past relationships. Which often stems from a narcissistic feeling that requires psychological treatment.

12. Compliment a friend:

When you praise a male friend in front of him for doing something, the man considers it a phase of ignoring him. You can try this trick to make sure that he is jealous of you.

13. Stir up curiosity:

Trying to leave some things mysterious for him arouses his curiosity. For example, getting out of the room as if you had an important call to make him anxious to see who's calling and why? When finished, do not try to provide justifications and explanations for this call. Leave him to ask who was talking to you and come up with some thoughts about this matter in his head.

14. Going to a party without him:

When you have an invitation to attend a party, you can go alone and take a set of memorial pictures that make the man try to chase you and look for you in order to want to spend more time with you.

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