How to earn money from TikTok

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Profit from Tik Tok is one of the ways to profit from the Internet in 2020, and in this article, I will take you on a tour about the method of making money from TikTok, so follow me.

What is TikTok?

The application Tik Tok is simple based on the idea of ​​publishing and sharing a video that does not exceed 15 seconds, in which the teenager publishes a video clip that includes Arab or foreign music or one of the voices of popular films, and then it is shared with followers to get comments and interactions and click on the head of the heart to continue.

Who can profit from Tik Tok?

As long as you have an account, you are eligible to profit from Tik Tok, this account is important for it to have a large interaction, comments, and so on from important things, so this should be a rather large segment of followers to make dollars and earn from tik tok. Therefore, you should open an account and create your own content, be special content, or content copied from others, with improvements and modifications to the ideas in order to suit your target audience.

Actual ways to profit from TikTok:

First: By direct broadcasting, when you have thousands of fans, they are ready to pay you money when you activate the live broadcast feature, by buying virtual gifts, which you can then convert into real money after deducting the Tik Tok commission. Although this method is for beginners, many people use it, and one of the advantages of this method is that it allows followers to express their love and admiration for you directly, especially if you are a person gifted with the ability to move people's emotions.

Second: Profit by promoting products and services

You can win a large amount of money by making deals with commercial companies and urging followers to buy them, and this is done in two ways, either directly by talking about the advantages of a commodity or service, or indirectly by showing the item in your video. Imagine that you have brothers and sisters, and you are making a video together, it is possible, for example, to start the video with one of your younger sisters in her hand with Lays Chips, or imagine that you are making a prank for your friend in the bathroom, and in the same shot, Head in Shoulders shampoo appears clearly in the picture. Usually, companies contact you after gaining a good number of followers in order to offer you such deals.

Third: Sell your own products

You can also sell your own products, such as selling clothes bearing your photo or signature, and you can choose the price you want and increase it as your sales increase, and you can profit in this way when you become a tik tok celebrity.

Fourth: Receiving gifts from shops

When you become famous, everyone will wish to give you a gift only if you enter a store and pretend that you are shopping from it when you publish a video for that. This shop is advertising for them and increases their sales.

Fifth: Profit by creating content for others

If you have good ideas, you can sell your ideas to other subscribers for hundreds of dollars.

And other ideas. But in the beginning, you must have good content, otherwise, you will not get followers, and you will not be able to make money.

How to create ideas for your TikTok videos:

There are many of these ideas, including:

Lip-Sync Video: The song can inspire a lot of people. If you're creative, try our lip-sync video and let others see your performance.

Duet Video: YouTubers always love Duet videos. Open the video you want to create a duet from, click the share icon and select a duet, then you can create a video as you like.

Pet Video: What Do Most People Like? Pets. If you have cute dogs or cats, make sure to capture every fun moment with her or her.

Imitation of other popular videos: There are reasons why some videos are popular. You can choose the same theme or similar method to perform, but get creative!

Keep up with the popular "trend" events: When there is an important event, you can create a video about it, and if a certain type of video gets more views, make a similar clip, but - please - give your personal viewpoint, without blind imitation.

Show off your skills: Can you speak more than one language? Can you act professionally? Whatever skills make you stand out.

Improvised video clips: Always have the camera ready, as you may be surprised by something interesting.

Travel: Do you love to travel abroad or even internally? Record stunning sights or people you meet, these will be liked by many.

Create a new challenge hashtag: Hashtag challenges are popular on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, the same on TikTok, but before creating a new challenge hashtag, remember to make it easy and fun so that more people are willing to participate in it.

Covering current events: Tik Tok videos are sure to be fun, but they are great resources for people to catch up on the latest news.

Important advice on how to profit from TikTok

Post regularly in a convenient way. You can post your Tik Tok videos once a week or twice, and create a series of videos if possible.

Always communicate with other "influencers".

Share your videos on social media, this is useful for boosting views, and you can also mention your Tik Tok account on other social media to get more followers.

Be positive, as your audience hates and alienates negative content.

Comment on other people's video, your own videos will also get more comments.

Respond to every comment, be fun, and interested while responding.

Follow at least 30 accounts daily and unfollow after them; here is a handy trick to leave your mark.

Invite others to record a video with you, a friend, child, or even a friend

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