How to conquer a girl's world and make her wander around you all day

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Every young man dreams that he will conquer a girl’s world, and whatever the personality of a girl is, it is not easy for her to become the focus of her world, and make her admire you, so there are conditions that must be met in you, and there are steps that must be followed to achieve this, and we will talk about all of that, it is what we all need as men.

What allows you to enter the world of a girl? Have you asked yourself such a question before? Certainly, I did it when I liked a girl for the first time, and the answer is not easy, as the world of women is varied and rich, and in order to answer the question of how to enter the world of a girl, one must know what the world of women is in general. From the great talk about the difficulty of understanding women, it remains disappointed, we can enter the world of a girl and know its most important aspects easily, and we can then talk about what women love about men, what attracts them, and what makes them think about a specific person and remember him constantly, and we will talk in this article about The world of women and its most important features, about how to become attractive to women, about simple actions that give you a distinctive effect on the souls of women, and about strange things that we do not notice, but are very distinct and influential for women, at the end of this article you will have more importance and status for the world of a girl you love.

The world of women human beings, in general, are varied, we are not the same person, whether we are men or women, but the world of a girl is a miniature version of the world of women as a whole, there are many common aspects that their understanding helps to improve the ways of communicating with women, and we are not talking about stereotypes or rigid templates. We just talk about common denominators in women, the most important of which is emotion, the emotion of women is strong and strong, and passion is a general human characteristic but more clear and influential for women, especially with their innate superiority in expressing feelings, the more you delve into the world of a girl, you will find all kinds of feelings and emotions, as you will also see The superior ability to give, soft and endless support, and I do not want to repeat the explanation that they are general human qualities, but what we mean is their prominence in women, and their greater interest in them, as you will see in a girl’s world a delightful diversity of colors and an impressive ability to express, narrate and notice details, as you will find ways of thinking Complex and a deeper and more creative ability to mix, construct and interpret things, so don't wait for short answers from them.

Witch Actions in the Dream Girl World

There are simple actions that we overlook their value as men despite the magnificence of their effect on women, and that is why you may be surprised at times that some men are distinguished in the world of a girl despite what they present to her, and it is very simply that they neglect some simple things that concern most women more than gold, silver and anything They are acts that have the effect of magic in the world of a dream girl, which makes her really enamored of you and think about you all day long, and it is worth noting that most of these actions do not cost money, which belies the misconception despite its popularity. It is said that women are material, and that money is what creates space for you in the world of a girl you love. Women are much more beautiful than this, and these are the most important of these actions.

Good listening woman

When someone talks to you and you do not listen well; You give him a clear message that he is not important to you and describe his speech as bored, and we do not need to talk about the negative, humiliating effects that this will leave on himself, so do you think this is what the dream girl world welcomes? Of course not, and on the contrary, your good listening to her gives her a good feeling, and indicates your interest in her matter and its importance to you, and good listening does not mean silence and moving the head without interest, but rather it means focusing, directing questions, making eye contact, expressing an opinion and serious participation in talking about it, and it means asking Clarification and questioning about feelings and conditions as well, and every person has at least one story he loves to narrate, by listening to her leaves a distinctive effect on herself, so listen well, the world of your dream girl does not lack your genius solutions, only he lacks sincere listening to her problems and what you love his story, and for understanding and containment, so for this action Simple and easy has a great impact on a woman's heart, by listening to her, you become her home and safe space, which makes you the most present and important in the world of your dream girl.

Compliments have a distinctive effect on women

Before talking about the world of your dream girl; Remember how many times I heard a compliment and you kept remembering it a lot, this is normal, because a person is a social being who seeks to form relationships with others and wishes to gain the admiration and praise of people, and I am a lot surprised by our keenness to criticize and highlight negative opinions, and when noticing something beautiful we are silent, and complimenting people gives them They feel better about themselves, but if the listener is a woman, the compliments have a greater impact, then the world of women is difficult these days. Think about the pressures they are exposed to because of the highly idealistic advertisements and the psychological problems they leave in the world of your dream girl. Comparisons are difficult and impossible, and a woman is a beautiful being who loves to praise Do not deprive her of this but do not limit yourself to the compliments related to the form only. Other things must also be praised, such as character, success, intelligence, and talent, which makes the compliments more sincere, and the girl will feel more confident, which is what she will remember you throughout life and make her in love You become the center of the world of the girl of your dreams.

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