For men: 9 romantic and unconventional ways to marry your sweetheart

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Submitting a marriage proposal from the hand of his beloved is one of the defining stages in the life of every man, and the more romantic and unconventional the method, the more beautiful and happy memories are created between you. To help you overcome this stage in peace and provide you with long thinking in a new and innovative way to snatch the heart of your sweetheart when you offer to marry her, here we offer you 10 romantic and unconventional ways to seek marriage from your sweetheart.

1- Reserve a bespoke cake with the phrase "Will You Marry Me" written on it with a bouquet of flowers and send it to the workplace - if her personality accepts that - and arrange the matter with her business friends to agree on a suitable date to attend the time the bride finds out about the cake.

2- Choose a wonderful place you want to visit with her and ask one of the people passing by in the street to take a picture of you both in front of a distinctive background and make that you are preparing to stand next to her for photography, then sit on the ground and surprise her with the offer of marriage to her while taking the photo.

3- If you want to do so. Among friends, take advantage of the day you meet in one of the malls and prepare in advance a large banner designed in a romantic way to request marriage from your girlfriend and ask one of the workers in the café or mall to drop the banner from the floor above your place. Just make sure, before doing so, to take the necessary licenses from the mall management if necessary.

4- If you travel together a lot for work conditions or for tourism, take advantage of it by decorating her hotel room in which she resides in a romantic way and putting a wedding ring in her. Ask the hotel management to help someone to prepare everything during your absence so that you will be surprised once you enter the room. Also, in this case, there are nice ideas for requesting marriage in this case, placing signboards and arrows in the room leading to the wedding ring. Ask the bride to follow it so that she knows the surprise you have prepared for her.

5- You can also plan with the bride's family to apply for marriage in an unconventional way. For example, while the bride goes out with her family at an outside dinner in a restaurant, makes an agreement with her parents that they pretend to go to the bathroom or do anything else to leave the dining table until you appear and present the wedding ring to your girlfriend.

6- The next idea needs some caution so that the bride does not understand you in a wrong way Record a word that you ask to marry her and try to add it without realizing it to the list of her favorite songs on the mobile that she hears daily.

7- Bring a gift box and fill it with her favorite sweets, hide the wedding ring in it and give it as a gift to her. Restaurants, ask the waiter in secret to write the phrase "Will You Marry Me" with the chocolate sauce on the dessert plate that he will present to the bride.

8- If the bride has a car, then make that you need her car to make an important trip and decorate it in a romantic way and place a small plate She has the words "request to marry her" and hid the ring in an interior place in the car and tell her to check this place.

9- Hire a professional photographer and tell your friend that you won a free photo session and want her to share with you, and during the session offer to marry her and present the ring, and leave the photographer to me. Capture the most beautiful pictures of these defining moments between you.

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