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Problems and Their Solutions

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8 months ago

I would like to tell you a little story of mine and then I'll conclude it to my point as mentioned in title.

About 2 weeks ago, our exam date sheet was announced and I was a bit worried when I saw it. Because my exam us going to start on 6th October for 4th Professional Year of Pharm-D. Now question arises here that why was I worried about it? Well as you can tell due to Covid-19 situation I studied nothing at home, also I was on internship this year in a Govt. District Headquarter Hospital, Bhakkar. So I didn't get to study much or prepare for exam. That's why I was worried. I'd got huge syllabus of five subjects which are Industrial Pharmacy, Hospital Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy, Biopharmaceutics and Quality Control Pharmacy. Now these are quite difficult subjects to cover in two weeks. But I decided not to set back and give it a try.

1st I started Clinical Pharmacy and give it a read for three days. Then I started Hospital Pharmacy at no. second and gave it read fir two days, I then read Industrial Pharmacy and then Quality Control. Now the subject left behind was Biopharmaceutics, and the first paper is if Biopharmaceutics and I was left with four days. So I read the whole Biopharm syllabus in two days and revised it yesterday. Today is the only day I've left behind and I am prepared fir the exam almost. I will revise it one more time today and will do my best in paper tomorrow.

In the start I didn't thought that I will be able to completely go through the whole syllabus bunch I got. I couldn't sleep whole night when date sheet was announced. But then I decided to just give it a try, and left the rest on God. I thought I would cover at least little bit of syllabus and see the rest. But when I started it all happened on it's own.

Smart Work OR Hard Work?

I've listened from people that smart work is better than handwork. Well I believe in it but not completely. I'll argue in it's favour that, those were old days when people used to prefer handwork and they used to do it actually to achieve success. But now world has grown much smarter and has become modern. We are living in the world of technology. Now farmers don't have to put every single by hand or they don't have to cut crops by hand although in some regions of world it's still happening but most of the world for machines to do their work. They should prefer smart work to do the job and let the machines di something. Another common example is computer or calculator, now a days you don't have to remember everything or you don't need to bother your mind to do a lot of calculations as there are machines to do the job. But still something or we can some tasks are there that even machines can't do and we need labour or men fir that purpose. As industrial revolution has minimized the usage of labour for work, but there still is a need of labour or we can say manual man's hands to the jobs. Well I won't go further deep for examples, I think you've got my point. Now I would like to relate my above given example with it.

If I would have got sometime, I would prefer to work hard with my syllabus and learn it by heart but when I got a little time, I choose the smart study like smart work because If would have prefer to study harder and learn whole syllabus by heart it would have consumed a lot of time and I won't be able to cover the whole syllabus, that's why I took smarter pathway and studied by exam point if, I mean selective chapters to cover my whole paper as we get 9 questions in paper and we have to solve five out of it. So I prepared myself for five questions of each subject. In this way I covered the syllabus for examination hall.

Solution to every problem:

This is actually the thing that I wished to explain from my personal experiences that How To solve different problems. Actually in today's busy life everyone is going through a problem and only a few are those who are happy with the life and I am surprised how can they be happy. There are two lines of poetry in Urdu language by Abbas Qamar; a poet from India, I would like to quote here

خوش ہیں تو پھر مسافرِ دنیا نہیں ہیں آپ

اس دشت میں بس آبلہ پائی ہے روئیے

Saying that If you are happy with your life then you are not a human being because life or world is desert of sorrows and problems. But how can we overcome these problems is real question now a days.

You can overcome your problems by facing them, yeah you read it right! As I often tell my juniors and friends that "Tension of Study can be eradicated by studying"

Same as if you got a problem with singing that can be eradicated by singing not just keeping your mouth closed. If you want to climb a mountain, you have to take a start from anywhere. If you sit back and think that mountain is too much high, path is steep or the weather is too hot to handle, this is not going happen that you will be sitting and any one would come and give you a lift to mountain. No! my dear friend absolutely not.

For example I have some financial issue and I just sit back and think that my problem will be solved, it means I am a fool if I think it is going to happen on it's own. This is not gonna happen in this way until I stand up and face my problem and try to do something, try to earn something. It's OK if earn small in the start but start is always from small to big. If you don't take a small start then how will you go to the bigger one.

So if you got any issue....

Stand up.....

Face it....

And it will be all to take a start toward solution and you'll find a way to solution soon.

It is not going to happen sitting and just thinking and crying for you problems.

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Written by   9
8 months ago
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Right. Problems are solved by facing them.

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8 months ago