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Covid-19's Impacts on Normal Life Of Pakistan.

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3 weeks ago

Well! Everyone has got his opinion, but this article is truly based on my opinion, anyone can disagree because everyone has his rights and I respect that.


It's been almost two years when Covid-19 broke in to the world and the whole world was in complete or partial lockdown, breaking down all the activities of everyone and reserving them to their homes.

Even now, the vaccine is introduced but the system couldn't have overcome it completely because in some regions of world vaccine hasn't approached yet. But in the system based on the lure of profit, the capitals are making their record profit out of this complete humanity disaster. Rather than using the science, technologies and research for the welfare of humanity they are using it to make their profits as it has been used earlier but now it has gone beyond the limits.


In a backward country like Pakistan, the behavior Of the capitals towards the working class no doubt has been an oppression during these Covid days. Here in the starting days of Covid there were no particular measures made for the prevention. The bitter truth is what the people were fired from the industries because they didn't want to bear the burden of their workers when the industry was closed, due to which a large numbers of workers lost their jobs. Can anyone imagine how difficult would be the survival of such families who has no income source due to Covid-19. Another oppression was that the govt. hospitals were privatized due to which a lot of hospitals staff lost their jobs. And the inflation in wheat, light and oil prices were touching the sky as their prices increased to double of their pre covid prices. On the other hand the upper class and the ruler, elected candidates of public were on complete relief because they didn't lost their jobs, they didn't have to fight for their survival. On the other the state has not be able to vaccinate even 60% public due to their poor system.

First Impact of Covid-19:

In starting this all Covid situation wasn't taken seriously and people were thinking that this virus is temporary and will be controlled in a month or two. But now, after almost two years we have realized that it was a critical situation which we have not been able to control and still struggling to control it and we've also realized that it is very difficult to get back to older routine I mean Pre Covid routines.

Educational Institutions:

Also, the behavior of the government towards educational institutions like schools, colleges and universities was ridiculous as all these institutions remained close during all these days.

These were just opened to collect the fees and then closed due to Covid situation. I wonder when they open the universities for dues collection, why does not corona virus attacks on student but when the universities collected the fees they closed it immediately. Well I really don't understand their technicalities for running a country. They started online classes which was completely failed in our region as the students took classes online only for attendance, they didn't even listen the lectures (including me). Now what kind of graduate can we expect from these two sessions graduates. Exams for Matriculation and Intermediate were postponed again and again and in end they just announced a little bit syllabus to take the exams. What knowledge can we expect from such people on future. As you know that students are future of the nations, they have to take hold in country in every field tomorrow, what future can you expect from students who are graduated in this way. I personally don't believe that they are eligible.

Medical Field:

In medical field what they have done, they hired nurses and doctors for Covid-19 and promised them that the will get payed.

The whole hospital staff, nurses, pharmacists, physicians did their duty knowing that their lives are risk, also few nurse and doctors stuck in this virus but they did their duty honest with their heart. Rather than appreciating and provide them money that they were promised they should have been awarded for their work, but what they did that they didn't even pay them their promised or deserving money. What could they do, they will strike for their rights so they did.

Losses also include :

Pensions for the government servants has been discounting in these days. Om the other hand the production of employment has almost been zero during this period also increased unemployment faced by the public as I told earlier in this article. Agricultural products are being import although we have a great capacity of agricultural production but they have restrictions due to which our formers are almost bankrupted.

World's Perspective:

State's funding from well grown countries of first world has been reduce to much extent during these days because they are also suffering from crisis. It is being said that the economical crisis started last year is the biggest economical crisis in history of 3 centuries in which the production of well developed countries has been in negative points also their GDP has fallen to handsome amount. The possibilities on larger scales seems less. It's effect on politics of USA have been seem my the world, as the attack on white house and congress reflects the frustration of the public of United States of America. Besides Europe I would say there are a lot of public movements all over the world who are condemning this disaster. Weather it is public rebellion of Myanmar or Indian farmers struggle against the brutal laws, either we talk about the millions of rebels of Hong Long or we talk about different organizations in Iran or Iraq everywhere the frustration and anger of public is being reflected.


All this situation is actually pointing towards the complete disaster of the system of whole world. It doesn't seem that this system will gain it's height like before. This is the reason that the reforms and betterment's materialistic basis has been broken.


Now the real problem is that what are the strategies the capitalist are trying to make to set the world free from this disaster. I don't think so that it is possible. Because this disaster has entered to arteries, veins and cappilaries of our society due to which the crime ratio increases. The biggest results of this disaster is unemployment and I don't think that I need to tell the drawbacks or crimes that may arise due to this situation. What I am trying to say is it is very clear that system has failed and crisis has reached to it's lowest extent during this Covid situation, the ugly face of states all over the world has become clear to the public. What I am expecting is public strikes and rebellions in post Covid days.

In the conclusion what I want to say that I am waiting to watch what happens!

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Written by   9
3 weeks ago
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