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Farmers dreams vested in heavy rain and flood

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1 month ago

This year, Bangladeshi farmers are passing through a very difficult time. Strom  and heavy rainfall make harvesting difficult. Farmers are very unhappy with it. In Bangladesh, the rainy season starts from the middle of the june. And the harvesting ends in the middle of the may. But this year the rainy season comes very early. From may 1st weather became unfavourable for harvesting. 

Bangladesh is still an agricultural country. Our economy depends greatly on agriculture. In this summer farmers cultivate paddy mainly. They plant it at the end of winter and take the crops to their home in the middle of summer. Every year farmers face some difficulties but the portion is not like this year. Losses are so huge this year. Heavy rainfall has destroyed a huge proportion of crops. 

For your kind information I want to make you guys know about the economic bases of Bangladesh. According to the consent of various intelligentsia there are three economic pillars that exist in the economy of Bangladesh. These pillars are Agriculture, Garments Industry and Remittance coming from abroad. In the modern era they believe that the most viable pillar is still agriculture. I think a country's developing speed becomes faster when that country becomes self-sufficient in its food sector. And Bangladesh is now self-sufficient in this sector with the help of farmers. Bangladesh is a developing country and agriculture is one of the key elements of the development. 

Now we will focus on the farmer's life cycle. A farmer mostly depends on his crops for the expense of his family. As we are a rice eating country and almost all farmers' families eat rice three times everyday so we need to cultivate paddy. Paddy is still our main crop. Farmers cultivate paddy and these paddy provide them food for the whole year. 

paddy fields sank under water

This is a picture of paddy fields in rural Bangladesh. Because of heavy rainfall, crops of the fields being sank under water.

When these paddy ruins because of bad weather they become depressed by thinking about the future. Although our government is very much sympathetic towards farmers, in a developing country it is hard to supply aid for the vast majority of people. On the other hand covid pandemic and Ukraine Russia effect is seriously hampering the world economy. Our country is not out of these effects. Inflation rate is increasing. Prices of the regular necessary commodities are rising which increases farmer's depression. 

I was in my village ten days ago. I saw people who have paddy in the field are in a great depression. Their investment and their labour was ruined by the heavy rain and strom. Life of a farmer is not easy. Once I watched an Indian movie. Where the situation of a farmer was portrayed very positively. One dialogue I can still remember. That is, an employee will find a job if he loses his job. But a farmer has no other option. They are farmers and this is their only identity. Agriculture is not easy. It is a relation between man and earth. 

This is true. In this era we are not giving proper respect to farmers. But they really deserve respect. I think it is our duty to respect them. They produce for the world. For us who are living in the city. Whatever we are eating in a restaurant or in our home is produced by a farmer. Though we pay them , we really care for them. They produce food by love. In every food there is the touch of a farmer. We really need to give them proper respect. 

In Bangladesh almost every year floods come from the north. Northern part of the country sank under the flood water. It also hampers farmers a lot. And this year floods also created havoc for the farmers. 

I don’t know how these problems can be solved and how these losses can be recovered. I just saw the depression of farmers. I saw the scrambling. I know they will recover. They are the real heroes. They will recover it and will cultivate their land again. They never learned to give up. They learned how to fight from childhood. We salute them for their heroic culture. 

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Written by   23
1 month ago
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