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A Little Knowledge is Dangerous

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4 months ago

Today I was sleeping when my niece opened her out of order toy as she had learnt how to sort out the problem. I heard the voice of crying and weeping, this voice made me awoke from my sleep. I went near to her to know the reason then she described me, "Uncle I have learnt how to settle this toy from my friend in first try?. But in this try I lost it". From this condition I reminded the quote, "A little knowledge is dangerous". I revived her with enough money she can buy it again and for advice I took her into my room, I reminded a story about the condition and decided to share with her as a good lesson.

I asked her, "Dear niece! Do you like to hear a story about moral you get it at the end"

She replied, Yes uncle! Why not, I want to learn from my mistakes "

Then I started:

Once upon a time, some Travellers after covering a lot of distance in disert. Then they decided to get rest under clumps of trees and loosen their camels for grazing. During grazing one of their camel entered in melon field and one melon stuck in its throat. Owner of the camel observing this condition and fearing to lose it, tied blanket round its neck, then stuck this with hammer. Instantly melon broke and easily swallowed.

Camel who swollen water melon,

A random traveller who had just passed from this site, looked on and observed all the situation, shouldered his bundle and going to next village, he pretended himself to be a doctor.

"But what can you cure?"asked the villagers.

" I can cure the goiter"answered the quack quickly.

An old woman whose throat was swollen was her first patient. Old woman exclaimed, " O my son, if you cured my goiter then I would bless you more".

"Certainly I am here for your treatment "the quack answered.

He insisted bring me a blanket with a good sized mallet.

After he tied the blanket, he struck the swollen part with so much force that old woman expired in no time.

" Ah" cried the people, "this fellow is villain".

So they seized him, he made mind they will present him in front of King. One of them said, " She was old lady who must have died shortly"

He was compelled to dig her grave and then we beat him and let him go.

After decision they do the same and after getting punishment he was released free.

Again visiting the next village he again pretending to be a doctor.

Same question was asked by the villagers, "What sort of treatment you can do?"

He replied, "I can treat goiter"

This time an old man with goiter problem was his patient. Before starting the treatment, he assured , "I shall try my best to cure the problem but if I failed then you people would not compelled me to dig his grave. Villagers exclaimed with sorrow," O poor rascal before starting of treatment you talk about grave. Go to hell." This time old man saved from his foolish mistakes. He thought he should go to meet that owner of camel who cured his camel in this way. He met to him and asked, "O Foolish doctor, the way you cured goiter problem of your camel is wrong one." One of camel owners replied, "We are not foolish, just came here I would understand the right thing." Quack was happy and went near to him. Other man, "Hold the camel and whip it with Steel rod. Camel moved for short distance and again started to graze. He hit the Quack with same rod". Quack started crying with pain and said,"O Cruel man, Do you want to kill me?". The other man replied, "Camel has enormous size and more strength with vigor, but we humans can't feel and bear the same". Quack knew the real fact now and he was able to understand the real condition. He accepted his mistake and requested to God for the Forgiveness of his God.

A Quack Pretending to be Doctor,

After listening this whole story my niece impressed very much and hug me with lovely remarks.

"Dear uncle, you are right we should not rely on little knowledge before getting full information about anything". She also thanks me for back up money and story.


Stories are something that add real mentality in our brain. Through the story of Camel and Quack it is clear, quack has no knowledge about goiter, but it started treatment without full knowledge. He failed two times but after punishment from a random traveler, he was able to know the difference about right and wrong thing.

I hope you will like this story. It was my 1st Article here and can hope for posting many other stories with many episodes and seasons.

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Written by   9
4 months ago
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No doubt with having a little knowledge you can create a trouble for yourself.

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4 months ago