What do you want to change from this world?

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Tuesday 14 June 2022

If you get a question like that whether it's from your friends, your relatives or even from people you don't know, then answer the question with what is in your heart and mind.

Of course, with a positive answer, even though you are the one being asked, but you certainly don't think the answer is only positive for yourself, but for the cloth people as well.

Then if I am asked this kind of question myself, then I will change this world with happiness, well that's enough for me. You can imagine, for yourself if there is no happiness in this world anymore, in the sense that this world is no longer peaceful, war is everywhere, crime is rampant, and there are many other bad things in this world that will happen in the future. If all that happens, there will be no such thing as love and happiness on planet earth.

Money can buy everything including happiness, is it true?


Some say, money is not everything, but everything requires money. Then if we have a lot of money we are guaranteed to be happy?

It depends on how you can enjoy the money or not and you can use the money well or not. If you carelessly use the money, I'm sure it will only be a moment of happiness. Then what can't you enjoy if you have a lot of money, for a simple example you have a lot but you are sickly.

You try to go to a doctor with very expensive treatments and fees to pay for it all but it doesn't go away. How can you enjoy your money and be happy in your life if you have a lot of money but you are sick and sick. Only by being grateful even though we have mediocre money, I am sure this life will feel happier.

So do you think money can give us happiness? We can talk about this in the comments.

Eliminate words or feelings of hate and revenge


Although this sounds ridiculous but by eliminating the hatred and grudge against loyal humans, I believe the big problems in this world will disappear.

There will be no war, all live in peace and the world becomes full of love. We live on a very beautiful planet and why do humans destroy their own homes just because of hatred and revenge from the rulers.

We can see an example of the war that took place between Russia and Ukraine, for other people who are in other countries do they feel peaceful and happy about this?

Of course not, we see an example of the impact of all this, inflation rose very high and even according to some news reports this was the largest inflation for the last 40 years. So by eliminating grudges and hatred, I believe the world will continue to be peaceful and human life will be prosperous.


This is just my random thought, I don't mean to offend anyone and what I write is purely from my own thoughts and that is what I wish for this world.

So that's what I have in mind, basically happiness is everything in our life, so keep our earth smiling.

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