How can you become a successful blogger?

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  • We use the internet every day and find the information we want by searching on Google.
    Have you ever wondered how we get this information?
    We get this information from the blog.
    People want to do government jobs and private jobs. But nowadays the number of unemployed in our city has increased a lot. That is why today's people do not want to sit at home empty handed and earn money. Keep looking for the source of. So that they can make their identity.
    Blogging is considered to be the best way to make a better career and earn money these days. That is why in today's video we will tell you what blogging is and how to become a blogger.

First of all we will know what a blog is. Blog is an English word which is a short word of web blog
which was started in 1998.
This is a free service provided by Google. Through which a person can share his words with the people. People use the blog to convey their words to others. The post written on the blog reaches every person who Google searches for it. A blog is like a website that can be created for free.
And Google has made its interface easy for everyone to use. The only difference between a website and a blog is that a lot of web designing information is needed to create a website.
And it takes money to create it. While blog is a free service. To create it you need a website like blogger, tumblr, medium, weebly, through all these you can easily create a blog.

A blog can be created with one person or one team. Everyone likes to use a blog. In the early days, a blog can be created for free and later you can change it according to your needs. You can go. Because free blog does not have all kinds of facilities. Blog is also called digital diary. Blog contains articles, photos, video and external. And blog content is called blog post. The blog post can be shared on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
Now friends, the question is why a blog is written.
Fifteen years ago, people used to write their words in a diary and share their thoughts with everyone through newspapers or magazines. Similarly, nowadays people like to write on the internet. And this is called a blog. Anything can be written about in a blog.

Many blogs are connected for a specific reason. For example, there are technology related blogs in which information about new and old technology is given. The blog writer is called a blogger. And the work that is done on the blog is called blogging.
Now we know what Blogging is. Creating a blog, writing a post on it every day, publishing it and designing your blog well are all called blogging.
Writing a post in a blog and designing a blog and replying to a post for a comment. Similarly, a blogger does anything to run a blog. In common parlance, we call it blogging. Blogs also make money online. It can also be done on things like sports, entertainment, health, technology, science _ blogging is divided into 2 types. One is personal blogging and the other is professional blogging. Personal blogging is also called hobby blogging.
These are the bloggers who have a story experience that they are sharing with everyone.

This story and experience can be on their own life or on someone else's life. Such blogs are mostly created by famous people or celebrities so that they can convey their message to the common people through it. You don't have to make money, you just blog as a hobby. Professional blogging is made by people who consider blogging as their profession or business. They make enough money from which they can fulfill their needs and dreams. Blogging is a kind of business in which you have to work with good planning, strategy and time. Only then do you get the fruits of your labor. Professional bloggers make money by monetizing the blog in many ways. A professional blogger is a personal blogger, everything is completely different. But if you want to make good money through blogging
health You can blog on any of these things just be your favorite on which you can write without getting tired. A blogger has to do more than just write an article to run his blog. He has to do research to write an article. He has to select the right image for the blog post. He has to change the design and The blog post has to be posted in different places. Comments have to be answered. And you have to keep in touch with other bloggers and support each other. If you are able to do all this work and are willing to spend your precious time on the blog, then you can definitely become a blogger.

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Topics: Blogging