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Three OF them Are Twins but have different Functions.

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3 months ago

Today is a special day for me, so I had the idea to create this article because of my love for these 3 awesome twin sites.

So this is to show how much I love these three awesome twin sites, of course with the same creator.


Of course, the first one is because this is the first time I know from a good friend, so I can write articles here until now.

I have known for almost 2 years because in addition to earning we can also interact with each other by commenting on articles.

Yups, is a site for people who want to write inspiration, information, and education, anything can be written into an article.

Here we can create articles with reading durations ranging from 1 minute to 5 minutes, it depends on you how expert you are in writing and arranging words.

And the most important thing here is mutual respect for each other in order to stick to the applicable rules, even though they look free but still have to follow the existing articles.

The system applied here is Rusy, or a bot that will approach all articles, which Rusty finds interesting, it will get a lot of blessings.

Not only that we can also give a number of tips if we really want it.

________________________ is one of the social media that has a pretty good income, but the most important thing here is that this site provides a different suit.

We can make short posts, starting from the writing, photos, pictures, or illustrations that we have.

And the most extraordinary thing is in the system that is implemented is a tip system, so the system will give a tip for us and we have to give it to a good post.

The most important thing from there is a good post and maintain communication with other people, whoever and wherever they are, they are still family.


And recently, a site similar to has been released, but what makes different is the type of system applied is the donation system.

So there are no tips, no rusty, only a system that makes us kind-hearted people there because of donations. is the same as in that it can make short posts with photos, or just write everything we can do as long as it still follows the existing rules.

All must have limits that must be respected and followed because we must learn to appreciate what has been determined.


Three sites

So from the three sites above, all of them have extraordinary advantages, have different functions but the same goal is to provide access for other people to communicate with each other, and get to know each other.

What you need to know is, from the three sites above, every tip we get is to increase transactions from

That's why there we can see which is the main purpose of the formation of the three sites above.

So, anyone who wants to invest for the long term you can invest your own money to buy

Choosing a good and good application for you to use, you can also trade in several applications that provide digital wallets.

We can all trade in certain applications that provide so choose an application that has a digital wallet.

What I write is based on what I know, because I've been on and since 1.5 years ago.

Because was just released a few months ago so I've only been there for less than 2 months, but my is also active now.

So what are you waiting for if you have a talent in writing you can enter and become one of the best writers.

But if you don't have a talent for writing articles, you can make short posts on and because they are similar to Twitter, FB, Instagram and others.

Maybe this is all I can give, if you like then press the like button and if you don't want to miss my next article press subscribe.

I'm Yudi Sutiraa, thank you.🙏

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Written by   75
3 months ago
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I have started using noise cash at first.It provides me a little earning that is very important for me.Then I thought that the amount of money of my need is increasing day by day.Then I talked with my bestfriend.He suggested me to start writing in read cash.From that time I have 2 earning sites.Although I don't get any tips from Read cash,I try to make my best article.Can you tell me how can I be a good writer?

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3 months ago

I'm also still learning to be a writer here, but what's clear is that it's not just writing here, but you have to respect all the existing rules. Do not spam, such as commenting on only one emoji, not copying and pasting other people's articles. Everything must be followed, you must learn to follow the rules first, to become a good writer you can read other articles to inspire you.😇

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3 months ago