The difference in the price of snacks at the XX1 and CGV cinemas

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This time I want to discuss the difference in prices at the XX1 cinema and the CGV cinema, starting from ticket prices and popcorn prices to mineral water, because I didn't buy other drinks there so I just wanted to discuss what I bought and I know.

XX1 Cinema

Maybe there are people here who know the word XX1 in some countries, some don't know about the cinema, but I will still discuss it because you can definitely tell the difference from this cinema.

This XX1 cinema is my assessment for the issue of ticket prices and places, I really give a 9/10 rating but for the price of popcorn and mineral water I will discuss below.

So we can get the ticket price at XX1 at a price of 2.31$ for one seat if you buy two seats then you only need to double the price per seat.

For visitors to the XX1 cinema, teenagers are quite interested in it from 15 years to adults, but I see there are more teenagers who come for adults who are quite rarely interested in this XX1 cinema.

Snacks and mineral water

Here I bought jumbo and medium popcorn, but the sizes were inversely proportional and I bought 2 flavors, caramel and salt.

Popcorn caramel jumbo

With a fairly small size, in my opinion this popcorn is quite expensive and not so recommended because apart from being small it is also quite expensive, which is around 3.8$ for this jumbo size, not worth the place and word (jumbo).

Popcorn medium salt.

Different from the previous popcorn, this medium salt popcorn is bigger and has more content than the caramel flavored, for this case this salt popcorn is quite good and appropriate because it has a medium name, so the size and name are not so problematic and I recommend medium popcorn salt this if you go to the cinema XX1.

You can get medium salt popcorn at a cheaper price compared to the caramel one, although the price difference is not that big but of course you can get a big difference from the physical appearance of these two popcorns.

The price of medium salt popcorn is priced at 3.3$.

Mineral water

What I couldn't understand was that the mineral water was only 330 ml in size but in the XX1 cinema the price of this mineral water reached 1.10$ for me, this is quite expensive and not really a recommendation.

You can buy colored drinks such as tea or others, although the price is quite expensive, it doesn't matter because you can drink fresher ones.

  • So that's my discussion for the XX1 cinema, starting from ticket prices to snacks.

CGV Cinema

This CGV cinema is a good enough cinema for us to visit even though the ticket price is a little more expensive, you can also enjoy the same facilities as other cinemas.

As for this discussion, it's still the same as the XX1 cinema, so let's compare and you choose which one is the most recommended for yourself.

Ticket prices at the CGV cinema are quite expensive so not many people are interested in watching the CGV cinema but if there is a good film, it is possible that the CGV cinema will be full.

For CGV cinema visitors, there are more enthusiasts from teenagers aged 20 years to adults and ticket prices at CGV cinemas start from 2.64$ for regular and 3$ for sweetbox seats.

Popcorn jumbo caramel.

The caramel jumbo popcorn in the CGV cinema is bigger and more satisfying compared to the popcorn in the XX1 cinema even though the price difference is around 1.5$ but we can see if the jumbo popcorn in the CGV cinema is very large and even has to be held with both hands.

Of course, this is highly recommended for those of you who want to find entertainment by watching new movies and jumbo caramel popcorn can be your choice to accompany you in the cinema.

The price of this caramel jumbo popcorn is priced at 4.95 $, quite a recommendation at a price that is quite expensive but for the size it is really worth it, good for those of you who take your family to watch at the CGV cinema because it can be enough for 2 to 3 people.

Popcorn salt medium

I can also recommend this medium salt popcorn for you if you watch it at the CGV cinema, because the size is quite large, you also don't need to be afraid of the price I will mention because it is quite comparable to the size provided.

For the taste, everything is the same as in the XX1 cinema, delicious and savory, there is nothing different, the only difference is the size and price because the medium salt popcorn at the CGV cinema is priced at 3.2$.

Not so expensive for me if the appropriate size is a determinant in the assessment.

Mineral water.

If in the XX1 cinema 330 ml of mineral water is priced at 1.10 $ then I say it is very expensive because 330 ml is not a lot of water for us to watch in 1 hour plus we enjoy popcorn snacks of course it will make you very thirsty.

Why can I say that because mineral water at the CGV cinema is 0.22$ cheaper, only adding 0.22$, you already get a medium-sized mineral water, which is 600 ml. So the price of mineral water at the CGV cinema is priced at 1.32 $.

This is more than enough for you to drink in the cinema so you don't have to worry about running out of air when watching a 1 to 2 hour movie.


All cinemas are the same starting from food and comfort all in often like only home we will choose a good and quality cinema.

I only share what I have experienced because watching in the cinema above makes me someone who is quite careful in choosing and determining my own comfort.

Honestly, the price of snacks in the two theaters above is not much different, but if you suddenly come and buy it will make you unconsciously compare prices from previous theaters.

  • So whichever you choose it will be a good thing for you, but I recommend a good and comfortable place at the same time cheap so you can still buy whatever you want there.

Thus the discussion this time may be useful for many people to choose more because the best is your own choice.

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Look forward to my next article, thank you very much for reading!

I'm Yudi Sutiraa, thank you.

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