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1 year ago

Yesterday I didn't release an article on because I wanted to rest my mind from things that made me a little dizzy.

So I'm just in another app but still one maker, and now I'm trying to give you something why I'm a little focused there.

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Search for photos on

Because is the reincarnation of so in I'm allowed to download photos that I've posted on

With a note I have to provide different content, so as not to create spam by copying and pasting from one site to another.

It's actually easy to save photos from to the gallery, but I find it difficult when I search for photos in that have been overwritten with new posts.

That's what causes me trouble because I have to go back one year ago just to find the photos I've posted, I have to save the photos one by one.

I don't know how many photos I posted there maybe hundreds if not thousands of photos there because I've been on for 1.5 years.

And now is starting to fade because there are too many spammers and it's a problem that is hard to get rid of.

And now has a new regeneration called noiseApp, there it is almost similar to but there are many differences in it.

And here's some new stuff there that isn't in

  • NoiseApp can't comment on posts if they haven't followed each other, so to comment on other people's posts we should at least follow each other.

  • Can't register if not by invitation, there we are required to register from our friend's invitation link that was made for real people.

  • And noiseApp doesn't have skip notifications, so every comment notification or new post notification can't be skipped together,so that every notification is not missed and people appreciate the hard work of others, all are viewed manually one by one.

  • And most importantly for now NoiseApp does not have funds to share, so there is a donation system provided by the users themselves.

That's what's new in NoiseApp now, for convenience, everything is the same, but for speed, noiseApp is superior and easier to use, even though every notification has to be viewed manually.

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Stacked notifications.

Because every notification has to be viewed manually so I'm too busy to see and read each post and comment one by one.

This is what causes me to be more busy on noiseApp compared to, because in I don't need to see comments one by one, because notifications can be directly deleted automatically.

So in noiseApp it can't be done because we have to appreciate every hard work of others who have posted and commented on anything.

The more people we follow, the more notifications will appear in it and it must be seen immediately so that it doesn't pile up.

It's quite difficult to see the notifications that have piled up, so the solution is that we have to continue to look at them regularly so that everything can be resolved.

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Success or stress.

Many people pursue success by continuously working every day, even skipping vacations that are quite important to themselves.

That's what will make successful people always stress because they think about success continuously but don't enjoy what they have achieved.

It's all just ambition that makes you depressed and in the end you experience what is called stress on the mind.

Success with noiseApp

Here everyone enjoys every process, even many of us enjoy the noiseApp, that's because noiseApp doesn't just provide information and education.

But noiseApp is the source of something that many of us don't know so that it becomes something to increase our insight and knowledge.

Starting from the environment, beautiful places, work, routines, even countries that have never been visited.

For example, I have never been to the Philippines or to Saudi Arabia, there I found many beautiful places and made many friends.

So it makes my life more colorful because I have many good people from different countries.

So noiseApp can be a bridge for other people to seek experience and knowledge that has never been known and can learn more from the great people there.


So that's a piece of my story why I'm very busy and want to rest my mind first and chat on noiseApp with other friends.

And today I will start my article on, hopefully I can continue to have inspiration so that I can continue to channel my hobby here.

Maybe this is all I can give, I hope you enjoy reading the articles I made, if you like to eat press the like button, and if you don't want to miss my next article press. Subscribe.

I'm Yudi Sutiraa, thank you.

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1 year ago


I joined noise app but still i am not active. It's because my examination is going on and passing busy time. Hope after my exam i will be active again.

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1 year ago

Absolutely right and we more enjoying on noise app and make new friends form here some feeling we can't shere someone so we shere their our feeling your article is very interesting and helpful for us

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1 year ago

Right now all of us are in the noise app and many of us felling that noise cash will merge into noise app, im feel confident that noise cash is back in a normal

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1 year ago

It would be normal if there were no spamers, I don't like them for taking the rules too lightly.😪

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1 year ago