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Mosquito repellent recommendation.

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3 months ago

Selection of the right mosquito repellent.

From some of the options below I have tested and looked for their advantages and disadvantages, but here I am not cornering or inciting anyone.

I just want to share a pretty good experience in buying and using insect repellent that is effective and without big risks.

So you can choose the best one for yourself to avoid being disturbed by naughty mosquitoes and often wake us up because of the sound of the wings of mosquitoes passing in our ears.

Here are 4 mosquito repellents that you can choose from:.

Baygon max


Baygon max is the first choice I've ever bought and I've tried it, with a fairly economical and affordable price we can buy this at the nearest store or supermarket.

Baygon max has a variety of scents, but what I have bought is that this type of lavender is quite effective at repelling mosquitoes.

However, this Baygon max has a drawback, namely that there is quite a lot of smoke and it can be annoying, maybe most people don't like it, so it's not really recommended for small children's rooms.

One box we get 5 Baygon max which contains 5x2 so inside we can get 10 Baygon max and this is priced at 0.66$.

Baygon spray


I have also tried this a few years ago, it is very effective in repelling and killing mosquitoes, but here there are many shortcomings that are very visible.

  • The first is that the spray type doesn't stay in the air for long, so sometimes the mosquitoes will return within 2 or 3 hours after being sprayed.

  • The second Baygon spray has a liquid that is quite dangerous for small children and adults if you don't see the user manual, because Baygon spray has a fairly thick liquid that sometimes sticks to the pillow or to the parts that we use while sleeping.

  • Thirdly we have to spray this Baygon every time its effect wears off so it's impossible for us to have to wake up every time to spray this.

But Baygon spray is also great for repelling mosquitoes that have enclosed spaces without large ventilation or those with netted vents.

All benefit when you can maximize the rules and conditions of your own home and this spray Baygon is priced at 3$ which can be purchased at supermarkets or minimarkets.

Baygon Hit-Mat


This Baygon Hit-Mat or we can call it Hit-Mat can also repel mosquitoes quite effectively without smoke.

Here we can use Hit-Mat as a stubborn mosquito repellent because every night it bites and disturbs our restful sleep.

This Hit-Mat mosquito repellent, besides being smokeless, also has the advantage of using 220 v electricity and only 5 Watts of power.

The downside is that Hit-Mat uses ceramics that are modified in such a way that they are housed into plastic packaging, it sometimes makes the plastic used as a casing to melt often.

So we have to check the condition of the Hit-Mat often to avoid things that we don't want.

We can get this Hit-Mat at the minimarket or at the nearest supermarket with a starting price of 1$ and already getting 48 refills.

Vape liquid

This is a type of vape liquid but I don't know where this brand is produced so I will only provide an overview and name of the insect repellent that I recommend.

This is the type of vape in general that uses 5 Watts of electric power to heat the inside of the vape refill.

The refill has a bulge that leads directly to the heater or iron in the vape so that there is contact heat that is generated into evaporation.

Not so dangerous because the bulge is made of a type of cotton that absorbs liquid so that it will continue to be wet.

Here we can also choose 3 variants, orange, Fruityfres and Sakura, quite a lot of choices but the one I like the most is orange.

Here I am still using vape liquid for about 3 months and at a price of 1.50$ we have got a vape device and refill which has a period of 45 nights.

But we can also buy liquid refills that last 90 nights, so this is for 8 hours / night users more than 8 hours of use I haven't tried it yet.

So I use vape liquid because apart from vaping, it doesn't directly come into contact with the liquid so that the hot contact is only in the channel on the side which makes the liquid evaporate.

And also from this smell like perfume or air freshener which is quite good for our relaxation at home.

Thus, I made this article to educate you to be careful in choosing an item because this can benefit us from being disturbed by mosquitoes but can also be dangerous.

Stay safe and stay focused on one thing so that everything is under control and does not cause harm to ourselves.

Hopefully useful, look forward to my next article.

I, Yudi Sutiraa, thank you.

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Written by   75
3 months ago
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Currently, the mosquito infestation has increased.It has been overstated that it is likely to cause malaria.Already there are frequent power outages which are seriously affecting my studies.This mosquito infestation has appeared in it.

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3 months ago

There are a lot of people here who get malaria, that's why I prefer to prevent than to treat because that's the best thing for yourself and your family.😇

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3 months ago