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Long journey

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1 year ago
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Financial lift

Basically I am just an unemployed person who has a lot of dreams, but I can't make it happen because of my limitations so far.

I always try to find the best for my life, even though I often fail in trying something but I never give up.

I have been through a lot of things, from being prettiest to losing everything I own to losing the difference that really matters to me.

I once felt hopeless, but this didn't make me give up, and I always looked for a way out to finish existing papers.

Until in the end, I had lost someone I loved very much, and made me feel bad, but my friends always encouraged me to keep going.

I had no confidence in myself, because I really didn't have the spirit to live anymore, of course because of the things that really hurt me.

But with my good friends, they lifted my spirits and supported me to move forward and lift my finances so that I could continue to live.

I started the journey, and everything went smoothly without any obstacles, and not knowing what happened after a few months I finally couldn't get any income.

It's very sad, but I tried on and on, but for 1 month I really couldn't get anything and I just gave up on the situation.

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One day, when I didn't know what to do what else my friend came to me and I taught him to get BCH too, but strangely he was able to create a account.

Whereas I couldn't make it at that time, so I asked for the admission to be used so I could go back to work and be able to get money for my daily needs.

He allowed me and gave me the confession, and I started to get up and continue to rise from the slump I had been through.

Little by little I was able to get income, after a long time I couldn't get anything I finally came back.

And at that time my dream and goal was only one, which was to have a new smartphone, at first I wasn't sure what I was doing would make my goal happen.

But I keep trying, and think positively about it, and always set my daily target so far.

One month passed, finally I was able to collect some BCH, and I sold it for me to buy a smartphone.

At first I was ambitious to get even better, but that was all I undone and I was just going to buy a used smartphone that was still decent.

And now I can have it, it's all thanks to my friends who always support and motivate me to keep going.

Of course this is also thanks to and which always help me get a lot of income and experience.

After this, I have the same goal, but this time I want to collect 1BCH this year, hopefully my goal can be achieved.

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Second goal

The current goal I will really reach again, even though I cannot achieve it this year I will not be disappointed, because I can still achieve it in the following year.

And of course, you will work a little hard in making original articles, not searching the internet or copying and pasting.

I don't want to be someone who imitates other people's traits, I want to be who I am without looking at the words of others.

Indeed, I will see other people's articles, but that is only to increase my insight and knowledge so that my writing method will be even better in the future.

I still have a lot to learn from my friends here, so I want to create something that will attract other people's interest.

I really don't know how, but at least I will try to share in anything so that people can see myself not because like other people.

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A new journey has begun

I'm already on the right path, it's just that I have to work harder to achieve what I want.

All I can do is be passionate about whatever it is, because I'm already here, and I have to do it my best.

It doesn't matter how difficult it is in achieving my dreams and goals, because I believe I can also be like my friends who have been successful here.

I know they've been through hard times like I am right now, so I'm sure I can because they all can.

There is no turning back, I have to keep going and moving forward to be better, and make failure a lesson.

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Written by   58
1 year ago
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