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List of items to buy with BCH.

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1 month ago
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This time I want to give details and what items I haven't bought, maybe some are quite important to me and some are just what I want.

I'm going to buy all of these from the BCH I own, but I'm still thinking about something I need to fulfill every month, so this is the item I haven't really bought yet.


Wardrobe is one of the things I want, but because I still have responsibility for everything so I still don't have this plastic wardrobe.

Even though I have the same wardrobe but currently I have a wooden one and it doesn't last very long, so this is one of my wishes to buy this wardrobe.

It's the same with cheap prices, plastic cabinets and wooden cabinets are my choices, besides being small, they are also easy to move.

In the past I bought wooden cabinets for about 10$ more expensive than plastic cabinets which only cost 9.66$ and stronger than wood.

So this is the reason I want to buy plastic cabinets instead of wooden cabinets that are no longer good.


Actually this is my monthly requirement, but because I have run out of shampoo so I have to put it in the basket at lazada.

I always buy the zinc shampoo in bulk because apart from being cheaper, it also lasts for 2 months, so it's very suitable for about 1.86$ it can save me 2 months.

power bank

So the reason I've put this power bank in the basket is that it comes in handy when I'm out of the house, or when the power goes out.

We don't know how long it will take, everything can't be predicted so my decision to buy a power bank is one of my solutions to this problem.

Because I still can't buy this power bank so I still keep this power bank in my lazada basket and will buy it later when I really need it.

I don't want to buy a bigger one, for me the size of 10,000 mah is enough because I can buy this for 7.86$.


Actually, I've been putting these shoes in the lazada basket for a very long time, but I'm still confused about where to go with these shoes.

Whereas I've only been home all day, if I'm away, I still have Eiger sandals that are good enough to wear in any situation.

But I want these shoes because they are very good, with the price of 11.38$ I can get a shoe as good as this.

Micro USB cable

This has always been a problem for all of us, even everyone would want and always buy this cable for the purpose of charging the smartphone battery.

Who doesn't want this cable which is really important for our daily life, maybe I still use the old version, namely micro USB.

But I do have a smartphone that is still micro USB, maybe many who have used a smartphone already use a tyc, or whatever it is I'm sure this cable is a necessity.

So I've changed the micro USB cable about 3 times and I want to buy another one, cheap enough for 1.93$ I can get the original one.

This is quite a recommendation because I often buy it, maybe I am the one who breaks things too easily, if taken care of then this is very good and original, I have proven it.

Screen protector/tempered glass

What I always want to buy is a screen protector because smartphones always need this to keep it protected from any impact and not damage the screen directly.

This is why I put this temperglass in the basket, maybe one day I can buy this again, actually I have installed the temperglass but one of the edges is broken.

So I had to replace it to keep it safe and protect the screen of my smartphone, I used to buy this temperglass for 3$ but now it has gone up to around 3.58$.

This copper brand is made originally from Indonesia and has proven quite effective in protecting my smartphone screen, and there is a hydrogel but I prefer temperglass.

CCTV or surveillance cameras

And what I want most is a surveillance camera or CCTV that can maintain security and make it easier for us to identify crime or theft.

Why do I want to buy CCTV because I have lost 3 smartphones, makes me really want to know who is behind all the thefts.

So I really want to buy this CCTV for my own security, and this has become my choice, apart from being able to use an external CCTV memory card, this also doesn't require a monitor.

So it's definitely very easy and really highly recommended in terms of security, and we can get this CCTV for 14.35$.

Of course, for quality there is no doubt because this is a product from Xiaomi, so for security and cheap CCTV is suitable for those of you who have minimal budget.

Total item price

So all of the items above are items that I really need, even though they are still in the basket and can't buy them at least I have to save them to make it easier for me.

So now I'm going to give a total of all the items in my cart and that's about 50.66$, this is the money I have to spend on the items I need.

But keep in mind, I will not buy all the things, I will buy the things I really need first to make it easier for me.

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Written by   58
1 month ago
Topics: Self-love, Shopee, Learnings, Lazada, Goal, ...
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That's a cool bucket list of you. I'd say those are needed things of every human life. I hope BCH will hit 600$ this year

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1 month ago

you will install the cctv in your house brother?

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1 month ago

I want to put it in the room so I can watch if someone wants to steal, because there are so many thefts here.

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1 month ago