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Increase impaired reading interest

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5 months ago
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I used to be a person who was lazy to read even I preferred to listen to something so I could be immersed in something I wanted to learn.

However, due to the extraordinary development of the times, it is now easier for me to listen to something through a technology called cell phone.

We already know that smartphones have many benefits, not only displaying important information but also being able to maintain communication with those closest to us.

But the more sophisticated the technology, the more someone who is too excessive in using technology.

Actually this is harmful to our eye health if we stare too much at something that is still but on the inside it moves so only the lens of our eye is working hard.

That's why sometimes we have a feeling of fatigue when we stare at other things that are quite far away, have you ever felt that.?

If you already feel like that, then you should immediately reduce your eyes on technology such as laptops, computers, televisions, smartphones and others that have radiation.

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But what I want to discuss is when I'm lazy to read and I prefer to listen to something but thanks to I became someone who started to like reading.

And here I can find many things, whatever I want here is available, from information, fun, health, sad stories, someone's dreams, crypto news and others.

I can get everything here without having to search further, I just need to write what I want after that I can find it and can read it.

So in other words I currently have a high interest in reading thanks to, but the problem is that as my interest in reading progresses, problems appear in my eyes.

Because I stare at the smartphone screen too much it made my right eye worse and now within 2 meters I can't see anything, not even to look at the wall clock.

Why did this happen, the first time I stared at the smartphone screen too often, the second I had a room light that was quite dim before.

And the most dangerous thing is that when we read or stare at the smartphone screen when we lie down, it is really not recommended for eye health.

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And the thing I did at the time to reduce this was to increase the lighting in my room with a brighter one.

I also lower my smartphone screen light when I want to sleep or read at night with no light.

And I also always use anti-radiation glasses to prevent direct eye contact with the smartphone screen, at least it can hinder it.

So although now my eyes are really really bad, but I still have a high interest in reading, and listening to other things has decreased.

I hope that what I provide now can be useful and you can be more careful in using technology, even though it can help us in one way.

But technology can also harm us, especially for minors, so take care of your health to keep something good in your life.

Thank you for reading, hopefully our interest in reading will continue to increase but still in the context of a healthy life.

See you in the next article.

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Written by   58
5 months ago
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Like me, I also started to enjoy reading articles. I can say that reading really helps me to gain knowledge as well as getting myself entertained. 😊

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5 months ago

Me too, but now I often feel tired in my eyes, so I have to rest my eyes completely at night.😊

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5 months ago