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Hope in 2022 with BCH

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5 months ago
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Most around the world have jobs, and some don't even have any work, because the pandemic has been going on for almost two years for sure this is a really tough situation.

However, in 2022, we must always hope and continue to strive to realize something that we have dreamed of all this time.

Don't stop even when things are difficult, because positive things will always be there for someone who wants to keep trying.

Just like me because my hope in 2021 is to collect 1 BCH but in fact the current situation makes me have to use my BCH and spend my BCH.

At first I was really ambitious to collect 1 BCH in one year but in 2021 I still can't collect 1 BCH due to difficult economic factors.

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So there is always a choice for us to live and we pass, the most important thing is never to stop even though it is difficult.

When we have high hopes for success, then keep moving forward and don't stop when you haven't achieved it.

There are so many people who experience failure and become discouraged when their greatest hope seems to be no longer there.

But rest assured that opportunity is always there for everyone who always tries and never stops in pursuing his dreams and hopes.

Even if I fail to collect 1 BCH in 2021 it doesn't matter because I have confidence that I can collect 1 BCH in 2022.

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In 2022, I am trying to open new doors and pages so that I can achieve what I have been aiming for.

Believe that as long as we still want to try, there must be a way that we can go through, although it is not easy, but rest assured that we can get through it.

What are your biggest hopes in 2022, what do you want in 2022, are there hopes that have not been achieved in the previous year.

Or is there a new hope in 2022 that will be achieved, if there is hope then I'm sure we can achieve that hope as long as there is effort made.

Small hope

Actually I just wish I could keep writing and writing on or, it doesn't matter if I can't collect 1 BCH for myself.

At least I can earn a little income and can continue to take care of all my pets and continue to be able to provide food every day.

I'm also gathering bit by bit for something, but not for myself but there's something I really need to help out.

So I hope I can continue to write and create here with friends who are always there and always provide inspiration in my life.

Thank you very much to all friends who have read my article, may we continue to be given abundant health and fortune.

Look forward to the next article.

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Written by   58
5 months ago
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I still hope that you can collect at least 1 bch for yourself, brother... It is difficult to live alone so u must be prepared if anything bad happens to you. invest also in your health and shelter..

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5 months ago

I hope I can collect 1 BCH dear in this year, because I really have to do this for my future.😊

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5 months ago