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3 months ago

29 Mei 2022

Credit by pixabay

This is the day my man's family married the woman he loves that's when I helped with all the needs there so spent so much time there.

It's not an easy matter to help families who are getting married because I have to do everything myself, even though there is help from neighbors but it's still not enough.

Because the wedding here took place 3 days 3 nights so I have to help do things that need to be done everyone must know about this so we are very busy there.

But what I want to say is that this is where the first time I got and saw a woman I really liked so I ventured to ask her to get acquainted.

And it turned out that at that time her was also not having a partner so there was an opportunity for me to approach she, but it wasn't as easy as I thought.

Because I had to try harder to invite her to dinner, until 1 months running and getting to know each other there was finally a moment that was good enough for me.

That is, when there is an important night that is held by my brother so that's when the woman I know wants to come because this woman is a friend of my brother.

10 June 2022

10 Juni 2022

This is the first time we meet and together it's quite difficult to approach a woman I like but this is the challenge as a man.

Here I am roasting the beef that I got from the sacrifice because it is a special day for you so here I am really lucky to have that moment for the reason of grilling.

This is the reason I was able to meet her and it turned out to be successful, very good for my initial approach because so far I have never had a real lover.

Credit by pixabay

14 Juni 2022

And after 4 days since we met, she started to open her heart to me and that's when we decided to accept each other.

Since then we always chat and discuss anything interesting, even she said that all this time she still didn't want to meet me because she was still afraid of me.

Her said if she is still traumatized because her love story failed several times so she wants to know if I am serious or just playing around.

So now I know that the reason she didn't want to accept me for a month when she first met was because she didn't want to fail again in love.

And after that we both officially became a new couple, I'm grateful to know her because she's kind, funny and very kind.

23 July 2022

The first moment came to her friend's wedding

This was the first time I went with her where he took me to the wedding of she close friend or friend when she was still studying at a university.

I was so happy to be able to go with her and we did that's why 3 times by attending her friend's wedding this might be normal for some people but for me it was a special moment.

Because I've never been to a wedding with a girlfriend so this is the first time I've been invited to go to a wedding with a girlfriend.

4 months of dating.

It's been a long time we love each other and spend time with each other, we respect each other and support each other.

It doesn't feel like my relationship with her has reached 4 months, it seems to me that I just met her a few days ago.

Maybe it's because I haven't had a boyfriend as good as her in a long time so I really feel the luckiest to have a woman like her.

Credit by pixabay

Cultivate love.

Actually I fell in love with her the first time I saw her, but she didn't have any feelings for me until the first 2 months of dating.

But since then she started to open up her feelings to me since 2 months of dating, I'm still patient even though she doesn't love me right away.

Because love that grows slowly will make a relationship last longer and hopefully become a harmonious couple.

And now after 4 months of dating she really loves me and doesn't want to lose me, even when I don't give news a day she immediately looks for me.

This is love that accepts and respects each other, and this is the story of my love together at the new I hope to continue to be a romantic couple.

Hopefully what I give can be an inspiration for people who don't have a partner, so we must be patient in getting a partner so that we can better understand their desires.

Thank you for being my loyal reader, hopefully I can continue to provide inspiring and useful articles, wait for my next article.

I'm Yudi Sutiraa, thank you 

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Written by   75
3 months ago
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