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Chasing dreams with BCH.

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7 months ago
Topics: Alone, Future, Dream, Self-love, Dreams, ...

In recent months we know the current BCH price is weakening, even before we knew that BCH was close to 1000$ for 1 BCH.

But the market is not so good after a few months, actually this is a good thing for those of us who want to start investing because we can buy BCH at low prices.

With confidence there will be a price reversal where everything can rise again and can even exceed the previous price at the beginning of 2022.

But it's not good for those of us who already have BCH in digital wallets because in the past we kept on holding BCH and now BCH is going down.

Of course, we have all experienced considerable losses, but know that it is time for us to invest more in BCH for the next few years.

This is all to increase transactions on the blockchain so that the market can return to stability and rise as before.

Unfortunately the last few weeks I haven't been going anywhere because I was sick, so I haven't invited any friends or anyone I met to invest in BCH.

If you count, I've probably invited almost 15 people to switch from other coins to BCH, and I succeeded in that, and I'm proud even though I didn't get a prize.hahaha

Everyone is happy to know that BCH is easier to use, faster and cheaper to trade, so there's no need to worry about that.

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Sometimes being busy outside makes me a little lazy to travel, apart from not having a vehicle, I also don't really like crowds.

I prefer to gather only a few people in one meeting, it is to strengthen a conversation so that we can focus more on explaining something we want to share.

Why is that, because every time I meet new friends or someone, that's where I introduce BCH so they know how easy and cheap BCH is in transacting.

But since I got sick a few weeks ago I've been spending most of my time at home and just writing and writing, and keeping an eye on BCH prices there.

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It's true that sometimes writing is boring, but I can get rid of that boredom by watching YouTube or other movies so that I can still have a good mood.

Many people say negative things about my life, but I never pay attention to someone who says bad things about me.

I keep doing what I want as long as it's good for me, and as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else I will continue to do the same thing, write and trade BCH.

Even though I didn't make much profit, at least I made a few dollars in a week of trading, so that's why I always monitor the BCH price.

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Time is money, so I try to make the best use of my time to make money, of course this is for future success for myself.

Many things I did before but never yielded anything, just a waste of time in my life so far, since getting to know and

I began to understand that life must have a purpose so that what we do is beneficial for ourselves and does not harm us in the future.

And now I'm starting to understand and understand trading in crypto stocks, so whatever it is I have to be one of the successful people with BCH.

It may not be easy to achieve that success, but I believe one day, I can follow in the footsteps of @MarcDeMesel who became a successful person.

And hopefully what I dream of can be achieved in the future, I also always pray for all of us to become successful people later.

Maybe this is all I can give, thank you for enjoying my article, see you in the previous article.

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Written by   75
7 months ago
Topics: Alone, Future, Dream, Self-love, Dreams, ...
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Indeed, this is the right time for us to buy bch, with a cheap price one day the price will go up, some people actually sell all their bch and choose to exchange it with their currency, for fear that the price of bch will go down and be more damaged.

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7 months ago