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BCH makes it easy for me.

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1 month ago
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It's normal for me to be a little late in writing articles because I fell asleep, it caused me to be too tired and too early to wake up in the morning.

So it makes me have to sleep for a few hours to recover my mind and energy in doing activities, of course my activity is to write articles or something that can be read.

In this article I want to give a very good thing because I got a gift from BCH, which is being able to have something I want.

Of course, this is an important role of a site that is very extraordinary, namely and

From this site I can earn a fantastic income so that I can buy something useful in my life, this is an extraordinary thing that has ever happened in my life.

So let's take a look and see what I've been accomplishing for a year with, and BCH.


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This is a wish of mine that I have been dreaming of for a very long time even though a smartphone is not a great thing but for me this is my biggest achievement in and

The beginning of my desire to have a smartphone is when I only have a smartphone that is not very good and is very old.

That's when I wanted to have a new smartphone to make it easier for me to do things in the palm of my hand.

But before I had it my smartphone was suddenly stolen by someone else so I couldn't continue whatever I was doing.

But I remember if my nephew has a smartphone that died suddenly I finally asked and tried to check the damage to the smartphone.

Until finally I was able to find the cause, namely because there was no power at all from the battery so I immediately bought a battery for the smartphone and could be used again.

My journey started from the news of a friend to start writing on and after thinking for a while, I finally gave it a try.

And within 2 months I was grateful to be able to collect 100$, and immediately bought a used smartphone that was still worth using.

Of course it's very good because this smartphone is quite a recommendation for me, besides being able to do activities, I can also entertain myself a bit by playing games.

The journey to buying a smartphone was over and I wasn't thinking about buying anything, but circumstances said otherwise that forced me to buy a few things.

Rice cooker

Source pixabay

Of course this is something that is quite important for me and some people who already have a household, to make it easier to cook rice.

And finally I decided to buy this rice cooker for around 15$, although it's not expensive at least I can have this from the BCH I got.

Before, I still had a rice cooker, but because the rice that was produced was always stale and didn't last long so I bought a new one so my rice could last a long time.

If I don't use a new one then the rice only lasts for 8 hours, the rest of the rice can't be eaten because it's stale, and buying a new one is the best choice because the rice can last for 2 days with the rice cooker on.

Washing machine

Source pixabay

The washing machine is also my best choice in choosing something to make my life easier, namely so that my time can be more efficient and my energy can be saved for other things.

But I only bought a mini washing machine which is quite useful, for 50$ I already got a mini washing machine that can wash 4.5 kilograms.

For me this is enough because judging from the electric power I have only about 450 Watts so this is more than enough because the mini washing machine has a power of about 200 Watts.

Compared to others, a large washing machine can use a lot of electricity so it is impossible for me to buy it because I only have 450watt electricity.

While at home there are several electrical appliances that use a lot of power so it is impossible if I buy a large washing machine.

That's the reason why I prefer the mini one because the mini washing machine not only saves electricity, the mini washing machine also saves space.

Wall clock

Source pixabay

Actually this is one of the must-have items, however I previously had a wall clock too, but since it was broken I bought a new one for 5$ and it's pretty good.

I can look at the clock on my smartphone, but sometimes I don't always have my smartphone in hand so I need a real wall clock to see the time.

This is in order not to miss an important time in my life so I bought a wall clock so that I can always be on time in any case.

So this is the reward I got from BCH by trying to write articles and posts on, so anyone can do this.

Actually, there are many things that I get and buy from BCH, such as small house needs to those that are quite important in my daily life.

  • Washing needs

  • Cooking necessities

  • Internet needs

  • Electricity requirement

  • Cat food needs

And many more that I can get and of course this is thanks to the important role of good people, I always mention it and you already know when you are here.

And I hope I can preserve this for people to see something that must be with a broad view, so try to change ourselves to be more useful for ourselves alone.

If we can become useful people for ourselves, then surely we can become useful people for those around us.

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Written by   58
1 month ago
Topics: Dreams, Earn, Learnings, Earnings, Success, ...
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I already bought DSLR, next target is business plan. Man I'd say sell your BCH when it reaches 380$

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1 month ago

congratulations on your purchases and more BCH to come

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1 month ago

Wow! Same here, I also bought my android phone using bch I earned from and readcash. I also bought blender, cabinet and many more.

More bch to come.!😂

$ 0.00
1 month ago

I also bought a mobile phone using Bitcoin cash when I start earning BCH. Best of luck I guess a washing machine is a good idea and help you a lot

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Everything comes from BCH that's why I thank the good people who have recommended BCH and can give people a lot of hope. The washing machine is quite good because it can save me time.😊

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1 month ago