BCH expenses for one month's needs.

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1 year ago
cat sand

It's been a few months since I started using cat litter so that my pet cat can defecate properly and neatly without having to bother me.

Of course this has to last for a month, so every week I have to change this cat litter, so this cat litter weighs 20kg.

I have to use 5kg for each week because one month has 4 weeks so it is enough to last for 1 month.

Of course this is quite expensive for a Sand, because it costs around 9$ for 20kg and I have to keep buying this until my cat is really big.

Cat food

Besides that, what I need to buy is cat food, of course I have chosen from many cat food in online stores.

That's so I can get the best but the price is still cheap and I can buy several for the next month.

So the price of one 1kg cat food is around 1.33$ and I can buy 4 or 5kg for a month's supply.

So if it's calculated I have to paySo if the calculations I have to pay about 6.65 $ every month.

my need

In addition to the cat needs I said above I also have necessities that I need to buy and I save for a month's supply.

As for the goods and necessities that I have written here are only a small part, not to mention other needs that I cannot say.

The items that I have provided here are as follows:


This is one of my needs to keep my clothes from smelling musty when it rains all the time.

So this is really what I really need when I'm done washing and after that I'll just soak it in Molto so it smells nice and soft when it dries.

I bought this Molto at a price of 2.45$ for a 720ml size, usually this is enough for a month because I can save more for Molto.


The main thing that I always buy is detergent, this is really very important when we are going to wash clothes, so the main item I need is this detergent.

I've ordered a smaller size than this, of course in terms of price it's also cheaper, but because it's not enough for one month so I tried to buy a bigger size.

And finally I bought a detergent with a size of 2kg and this I can store and use for a full month and even more.

I bought this at a price of 3.5$ although it is a little expensive at least my needs are always met for one month with this detergent.

Bath soap

The bath soap fund is what I need as well, which I have to buy and save for a month, and the cheapest one is this bath soap.

I can get 4 bar soap for 2$ I can get 4 bar soap for 2$ so this can last as long as possible because bar soap is really very economical.

Sometimes I can buy 8 bars of body wash to stock up on for two months so I can save even more BCH because shipping can be cheaper.


Because I forgot to take a screenshot from the usual shop, so I'm not including a picture this time, but I can share the details.

So I bought a large bottle of shampoo for $3 so I could use it for two months, and therefore I was looking for a product with a long expiration date.

Of course it aims to keep me safe when using the shampoo as long as the shampoo is still there.

So that's what I need for a month and I have to spend my BCH on that, so I'm also saving some of my BCH for my future.

Like saving for weddings and other necessities, so here's a breakdown of my needs for a month.


  • cat sand. : 9 USD

  • Cat food : 6.65 USD

  • Molto. : 2.45 USD

  • Detergent. : 3.5 USD

  • Bath soap. : 2 USD

  • Shampoo. : 3 USD

___________________ +

26.6 USD

So above are all my needs every month and I really have to buy it because if not then there's something I'm not comfortable with if there's something I don't buy.

So what are your needs for one month?

Thank you very much for reading and see you in the next article.

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1 year ago


Can I ask if you have any source of income? I can say that your nessecities are quiet so pricey ..

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1 year ago

No dear, I only earn from noise.cash and read.cash, that's why I'm very grateful.🥰

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1 year ago

Well congrats to you brother because I can see that Rusty likes your articles here...

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1 year ago

😁 Rusty also approached your article.🥰

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1 year ago

hihi but I think, Rusty really likes yours...

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1 year ago

😁 Not so dear, you are also being approached by rusty.

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1 year ago

Good to know about this,if i list mine its quite long list dear

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1 year ago

😁 I want to cut my spending but can't.

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1 year ago

So all these things are your necessities which you have to buy for 26.6 usd.

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1 year ago

Yes dear, this is my need.😊

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1 year ago