Always think before you act?

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In this case, we always find it difficult for ourselves to do anything not to be careless, but it is not uncommon for some people to always make the wrong decisions.

How could this happen?

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Basically our brain has two different sides, brain and left brain, all operate our whole body and carry out all commands.

But it is what has these two parts that makes a little difference, some tend to have the same thoughts but often what happens is that both our brains work so hard that it gives rise to two choices in every thing.

A small example of someone who has a personality who always thinks about two things, namely risk and success.

  • In a difficult case this person will think hard in the face of risk if he chooses something dangerous so will be very careful in choosing something.

  • And people like this will also offer the best way in choosing, so that the level of success can be seen a little and gives hope for us in choosing the right thing.

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But there is someone who doesn't think it's a failure, just tries to succeed.

So this person is classified as reckless, why is that because he chooses something that he doesn't know whether it will work or not, what he does is and keeps trying.

And this is a person who knows no fear of failure and will try when he falls from something he is doing, a nature that does not give up comes from someone who wants change in himself.

Of course this is a very good thing, although choosing without consideration but when high persistence is ingrained then it will become his biggest favorite.

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And this is what is a little difficult to become a successful person, why is that.

When someone always experiences failure, then that person will continue to experience failure in his life, not daring to choose something, not daring to take action.

Even this trait will be disastrous for himself and others, a small example.

When he wants to help someone who is in a difficult position of falling off a cliff, when this person thinks "can I do this, what if I fall with him"

"What if I can't survive and die in a fall"

In this position there are people who think this way, not if there are people like this, but again, when people don't think too long and may only think like this, then the person who will help can't hold on any longer and falls from a height.

So, in other people's words who always fail, failure will not fail and will not succeed, because failure will never fail and will never fail.

Even though everyone has something special where they want to try, there must be a way to success.

So in this case which thoughts are in your life and since when do you apply them.

A choice will come when someone really has to think about it, so what we do in the future can change ourselves in every way, that determines our life, stay in the same place, or move forward and continue to choose something new inside. our live.


I've always had two choices so that I wouldn't be the one to do something wrong, and those two choices were there when things weren't urgent.

If the situation is urgent, such as in helping something, then I will immediately choose to do it because it has become an obligation for everyone to help, for the problem of risk is destiny.

The most important thing is that we want to do good things without anything bad, keep thinking positive so that everything becomes positive.

Let's share in any case because everyone has something very special, sharing doesn't have to be in kind, but sharing in the form of advice, experience and knowledge, everyone has their own experience, and hopefully this article can be a tool for us. be creative in the comments column.

The point is to keep being yourself because being someone else becomes easy, even being yourself is already difficult if you are someone else :))

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Always remember that be kind to ourselves as well as be kind to those people around us because with that we can able to manage our mentality to others.

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1 year ago

It is very necessary, but sometimes there are people who do not care about their own surroundings.🙈

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