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What is next ?? Find out the answer ??

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1 year ago

Looking for answers ??

As we already know if these few days tips are hard to get, I don't know why this happens, even the bots themselves don't give more than usual, what's this spread ??

Will close ?? We know that tips are invaluable here, we all worked hard to get some from the bots, or from the good people who are here, especially sir @MarcDeMesel who is one of the biggest supporters of or

I'm not sure will stop here, because we know that has been around for a year, before there was a new system for random tipping all users, stood for several months without random tipping, namely bots.

The bot itself was only created a few months ago, I forgot how many months, what is clear is that the bot was only created for 5 to 6 months, previously stood with all the support sir @MarcDeMesel and the # Club1BCH supporters who support behind all this.

I didn't know before I was here, but I read a lot of things I didn't know and now I understand a little.

Maybe before we were without bots running and standing alone, and trying to be a good supporter and writer of articles here so that becomes the best article maker site.

With so many active users maybe makes a bot system to provide random tips so that active article creators can be more happy because their work is appreciated and seen.

But when the bot was created, everyone tried to take advantage of the bot to get a lot of tips, the bot system was created to tip the original article creator, so if one person uses the bot to get a tip by stealing someone else's article then the bot will enter it. blacklisted, where they won't get the bot's attention for an indefinite period of time.

They won't even get a small tip, lots of rules are made to stop people from cheating so when the bot system is made everything works fine and a lot of people get blacklisted.

So the conclusion that we are experiencing at this time I think will not stop, maybe is currently developing better innovations and updates in the future.

One year is not a short time, so I'm sure will stand and continue to be the best article maker site in the world.

Actually I was hesitant to make this, but for the sake of convincing users who are here I made this.

For a few days without tips it may be very hard because we are working on it, but if we pay attention to the first time the site is up, all without tips from the bots we can continue to work, so right now for sure we can skip it.

I'm talking like this maybe I'm blacklisted, but I also don't know what my mistake was here, so I've been a week without tips from bots, it's tough, but I'm trying to keep working.

Many things lead to success

The first thing is never to give up to keep working hard, everyone experiences the same thing when in the starting position.

The second thing is to keep looking for life motivation so that we can accept reality and continue to make every failure an encouragement for our journey.

The third thing is we have to stay on the right path, don't walk in the wrong direction, because it will hinder our journey.

The fourth thing is to be honest, everyone has two characteristics, honesty and lies, honesty will make us a good evil, and lies will lead us to a bad direction, because every action we do today we will get in the future, if we do bad things then one day that badness will come to us, and vice versa, if we do good one day the good will come into our lives.

What we all know, it returns to each of us, whether we can live all of these things or not.

The fifth thing is to be yourself, every effort and hard work is everyone's goal to be successful, whatever we do must be based on desires and hopes.

Everything we can achieve when we are able to be ourselves, it is not easy, when we are ourselves sometimes many things become a barrier to our goals.

Sometimes many people don't like the results of our hard work because they don't see it as they want, everyone has different thoughts, so let them do their own thinking.

Everything we do must be based on our skills and abilities, no need to force it, do what we can, because any job will not be easy without experience.

I'm not trying to be a lick, but I want to be positive, and for the time being, why don't bots give their usual tips ??

I'm not sure why, according to my friend @bmjc98 bot is currently off, :) maybe the bot will re-create it, :)))

Hopefully the things we feared today won't happen, hopefully will keep going and continue to be the best article maker there to introduce a lot of things.

Thank you very much for reading, if you like my article, look forward to the next article.

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Written by   37
1 year ago
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