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The spirit is still there to fight

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1 year ago

Failed hope

Everyone experiences failure when they do everything, especially in life everyone is required to always be better than before, beyond themselves.

Of course, there are everyone who can do it, some who are unable, it depends on his sincerity to change for the better.

Of course it is not a problem for everyone, but there are hard efforts that must be made to be better, that's when people are unable to do it, even though for themselves.

What is always a problem is when the expectations are very high, but in fact there are failures that come, which makes the thinker to keep trying to stop because of failure.

And this is when I am in that position, somehow I always think negatively like this, why do bad things always come to me, is this a curse.?

I don't know, I'm not too sure, but the fact that every effort I make always ends in failure, how can that be.

Everything I had is gone, and now it's all gone, even the closest people to me are gone forever, I feel alone, I feel like I don't belong to anyone.

Even though I have many friends here who care about me, but all are busy and it's their right, I can't force them to talk to me, I know that.:)

I've always been a frustrated writer, even though I've tried to write with the existing flow, but still I can't do it.


There are many people around me, but I feel in my heart that I am always alone and it is very lonely, nothing can describe what is in my heart right now.

It's just a small dream that has always been a problem in my life, no matter how hard any endeavor will remain the same in the end, everything can't bear fruit from the efforts I put in.

Writing is my favorite, but writing also requires clear thinking, if my thoughts are like this and there is nothing that arouses my heart, everything remains the same.

I have done things outside the home, but still it's only temporary, when I started to be happy and able to write, I returned to being a writer who is a illustrator.

What makes me like this, What makes me like this, I say all the things, because all I do is just make me worse off, trials always come for me.

From childhood, until now I have never felt the happiness that really came to make me a fully human.

That's why I feel I am always unlucky, there is nothing I can achieve, only failures and failures that I get.

Stop thinking

It's like a dream, but this is a harsh reality that I have to accept, everything is like a dream and I'm trying to wake up from this nightmare.

Just hope someone can wake me up from this nightmare, but I know this is not a dream, and I should try to wake myself up if this is true.

Whether I can change my life, whether good things are still there for me or not, I can only try and surrender to the harsh reality of life.

My mind is already stuck in terms of writing, I can only write like this, no inspiration can change me, there is only one thing that can make me come back.

That is one thing that I wish I could achieve, that all can make me excited, but that is what makes me think harder.

The more I push myself, the more frustrated I become, I'm sure this will end, even though I don't know when, but there is a point of hope in my heart.

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Written by   37
1 year ago
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