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The love that strives for !!

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1 year ago

A great love

Who is the person who does not know love, love is a feeling that grows from the heart, love is invisible, love cannot be held, but we can feel love.

Love is a gift from God given to us, so that we can love others, when love comes and makes someone feel love, anything will be done for love.

This is a story of love and my struggle when I felt my first love, everything went well but in the end the love left me, the beginning of my love story.

Unplanned meeting

First sight

It goes back to the time when I was in school, long before I felt and had bitter experiences.

The beginning of my first sight towards a beautiful woman, her smile makes my days remember her.

Indeed, this first view is not as beautiful as the films on television, more precisely my first view is the view of the love of a boy who is just experiencing puberty / adulthood.

Getting to know she through my female cousin, because the people I like are my cousins' friends, and the chance to get acquainted is easier.

I asked my cousin for his phone number and was given, I am very happy and happy, since then I started communicating every day.

My sense of comfort started to grow over time, I didn't feel like my introduction to her was 6 months old, love started to grow until finally it became a closer relationship, namely dating, (I'm glad I still remember this).

love 24 hours

24 hour love

We always pass good times together, there are no serious problems when we are dating, indeed at that time all were still in their teens, there is still selfishness in us.

Every day and every night I always talked by telephone, because in those years the telephone was not like now it could be through video calls.

So everything can be passed with him, after I was in a higher school, namely grade 2, indeed there are 9 years of school here, 6 years of elementary school, 3 years of junior high school, 3 years of high school.

Back to the story, when I went up to grade 2, the more problems all of this because my former selfishness was getting bigger, excessive jealousy made she angry and left me.

Even though at that time I loved she very much but all of that was lost because of my own selfishness, every day I thought about it but all in vain she didn't want to have a relationship with me anymore.

And after I graduated from school in 2013, I didn't have a job for a year just doing activities at home.

But the bad news is heard if the woman I still love has married someone else because her parents match her up.

The news made me sad, and some days I was sick, but I thought if there was still a chance for me, everything could change and I got up to keep waiting for his love to return.



Forced love is not good, finally after one year of marriage he divorced and returned to being alone.

Hearing this good news, I did not waste it, I immediately looked for his Facebook which I still remember, after waiting a year I was able to approach him again.

I'm still waiting for she until finally she comes back to me, this love keeps me waiting until I just pass everything.

After I got his number back I called she and talked to she, but he still didn't want to talk to me, I tried to make sure that if I had been fruitful, I had thrown away my egoism.

After 6 months I persuaded she to come back with me, so that in 2014 I got a decent job.

I decided to marry she, but she said she didn't want to get married sooner now, just live with us first, with a heavy heart I accepted his decision.


I hope that with the marriage we both will be better and can be a happy couple, but the failure of she past marriage made she unable to be in a situation of remarriage.

I understand that and accept it, my love journey is better and runs for 7 years.

But when I asked she if he was ready to get married she always answered not until my work was finished, I didn't have any more work until 2018 he broke up with me.

I don't know the reason why but she said she wanted to focus on studying, I was disappointed with this, why if college had to break this relationship. ??

It all happened again, feelings of disappointment came and made me frustrated, emotional, annoyed, all of which I couldn't express until I held that feeling alone.



After his decision to leave my life left me alone, no friends no one felt what I felt at that time.

Indeed, when I was dating him I always spent time with she until I forgot everything that had ever existed in my life, I felt that only he could accompany me, but he left me instead.


His departure ruined my life

Without it, I felt my life ended until I tried to forget it but I couldn't, irregular sleeping patterns, poor diet made me sick so I had to be hospitalized.

All I did was just because I wanted to forget it again, but it's very difficult, 7 years with she are hard to forget.

After I recovered from my illness I still did the same thing, but after that I bled so much blood from my mouth that I had to be treated again.

I had to receive 3 bags of blood transfusions because of the blood I released that much.

12 days in the hospital made me aware of my stupidity so far, I realized that my life should be better and prove that I can get through it and be successful without she.

Take medicine

Take medicine

After I was discharged from the hospital I had to take medicine for 9 months because of pneumonia that I was experiencing, so I had to take it every day until I was completely healed.

Everything is over now and I can start to forget it well without torturing myself.

Sometimes what we do is not all good, we have to do things that people think are good too, selfishness is always there, but it all comes back to ourselves.

Thank you for reading my story..

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Written by   37
1 year ago
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Very good article

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Thank you very much dear 😇😇🙏🙏🙏

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