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The difference between BCH in the LUNO and BINANCE applications

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1 year ago
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In-app research

Actually I wanted to make this on February 17, 2021, namely on Wednesday, but I decided to make it the next day, which is this Thursday.

This is actually not that much difference in it, but for me it is very important to discuss it here, if indeed someone knows or understands it can explain what happened so that I don't think wrong and even discuss unnecessary.

My goal is only to give what I see, maybe many people don't pay attention to this little thing, but for me this is very important and should be known by many people.

This difference is indeed not very influential with the Cryptocurrency market because it only experiences a slight difference in price, obviously there are interesting things from here that I want to make this article, I know many shortcomings of myself, but I try to provide the same thing but different from some people.

From what I know and have noticed over the last few days it is clear that there are differences in these two applications, namely LUNO and BINANCE.

Screenshot on Wednesday 17th February 2021 at 17:59

BCH Price

Here I am taking a few of yesterday's price increases, in order to better see the difference, in the one day yesterday.

On February 16 at 17:59, it shows that the BCH price is the highest, which is around 10,266,966 IDR / 732.86 USD, and the fund is -0.08%.

This has proven that the highest price for BCH in the LUNO application is at 732.86 USD, but the difference will be seen at the end.

Screenshot of the BCH price at 01:52

The price of BCH has decreased

Here we can see that the price of BCH has experienced a very large decline to be at 9,903,262 IDR / 706.90 USD and is still within -0.08%, this shows that the price of a large decline in BCH in a few hours, and it is already at 01: 52, to be precise, Wednesday, February 17, 2021.

Screenshot of 9:46 am BCH price

Little increase

Here we can see again if on the morning of 17 February 2021 at 09:46 the price of BCH has slightly increased, which is at the price of 9,920,092 IDR / 708.10 USD with -0.08%, not too much increase but a little visible if BCH does not want to go down back, with his current accomplishments.

Screenshot of the 5:40 pm BCH price

Experienced an increase until it returned high

Now we can see that BCH really doesn't want to go down to its lowest price, BCH continues to rise until it returns to 10.228.223 IDR / 730.10 USD with -0.08%, this is very visible if we pay attention, but the difference will be very visible if I give it My point of view is also from the Binance app with a slight difference in numbers and percent in it.

Screenshot of BCH prices in the Binance app at 17:40 pm, 17 February 2021, Wednesday BCH on BINANCE

LUNO and BINANCE prices

Here I take my screenshot at the same hour and on the same day on 17 February 2021, we can see the BCH price is at 10,125,931 IDR / 719.13 USD with +0.58%, here it is clear that the BINANCE application seems to be a few hours behind with the LUNO app in displaying BCH prices.

The price of BCH in Binance differs slightly from LUNO, I don't know if this is a bug or error from the application system itself, it is not really visible if we glance at it without paying close attention.

Here I have shown a clearly visible difference in the price of BCH in the LUNO application and the BINANCE application, but if you want to know the difference does not only occur in the latest prices, but also in the highest and lowest prices.

Prices high and low at LUNO

Shows in the HIGH numbers 732.86 USD, LOW 669.10 USD

High and low prices in BINANCE

Shows in the figures HIGH 732.55 USD LOW 668.80 USD

We can see that there is a slight difference in this application, but I only say what I see and I experience, this is not all I make by exaggerating the price of BCH or reducing it, all this actually happens in two different applications namely LUNO and BINANCE.

But I don't know if it is seen in terms of other applications, because I have only used these two applications to learn Cryptocurrency so I downloaded these two applications to get a little lesson and read articles from all of you so that I better understand what Cryptocurrency is.



We know that the BINANCE application has been published for a long time and the LUNO application is the same, if what I convey is still unclear or the words I use are still wrong, please forgive me, because I am still learning to write in good language.

All of this is the result of my own research and if I am wrong give good advice so that I can better understand everything.

Thank you for the free time you give to read my article, if you are interested in the article that I made, I will continue to make articles that may vary every day, look forward to my next article.


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Written by   37
1 year ago
Topics: Rewards, Club1BCH, Savings, Binance, Goals, ...
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